Avenly Lane Travel by ClaireHey everyone!  

First off, thanks so much for visiting my blog. My name is Claire and I currently live in Las Vegas with my husband. I commonly get asked what casino I live in, but I can assure you that there are suburbs in Las Vegas that are fantastically boring that I now call home.

We are each avid fast paced travelers, and one of the things we most looked forward to in our marriage was the trips we planned to take.  We set the goal to visit 20 countries in our first year of marriage.  Almost immediately after we had a trip that took a turn for the worse, and I ended up with a nasty parasite infection.  The infection landed me in bed for two years!  Being stuck sick in bed sucks, and the longer it lasts the worse it gets.  One of the best ways I found to cope was through the creation of this blog.  It allowed to re-live many of my trips, and plan many more.

Avenly Lane Travel by Claire


The purpose of this blog is to inspire people to travel as often as they can. I believe that the more of the world you see, the more you realize that the earth really is an amazing place full of fundamentally good people.

Although I am not permanently in a wheelchair, it is still necessary as I am still not 100% recovered. Walking long distances still causes me to pass out. :( Hopefully this will soon change!

FYI – I use stock/free photos for a number of trip reports as the blog wasn’t contemplated when many of those trips were taken (also my husband is one of the world’s worst photographers).

I absolutely love hearing from you guys!  If you have any questions/comments/suggestions you can reach me at [email protected]