Arashi Beach (Best All-Around Beach in Aruba)

Arashi Beach Aruba
White sand beach - Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach is arguably the best all-around beach in Aruba. It really does look exactly like the pictures. There is a long wide stretch of soft white sand that gently meets the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean, but so much more. 

Part of this beach’s appeal is that it doesn’t have fancy resorts backing up to it. This means that all of the available amenities are open to the public, and there are plenty of amenity options available! 

On a week long trip to Aruba we went to this beach three different times. There is only one other beach I think that could be as good all-around, and that is Baby Beach at the far opposite end of the island. 

Arashi Beach Info:

  • Where: Northwest part of the island – only about 10 minutes from main resort area 
  • Facilities/Amenities: bar, restaurant, chair rentals, bathrooms, showers, and tour sales available 
  • Best for: spending a full day 
  • Not So Good For: it is only okay for snorkeling 
  • Available excursions: many 
  • Cost: free 

What you can Expect at Arashi Beach

This a fun party Beach! There is a ton going on from the music playing at the bar to the water equipment rentals of mini hand jet skis. 

You can expect to see a good amount of people, but the stretch of sand is wide enough that everyone has plenty of space to spread out to. 

The water really is the piercing blue color and the sand really is soft and white! 

Swimming Conditions

You can expect some fairly consistent gentle rolling waves to consistently roll up the shore

The gentle waters are great for swimming. Most of the shore doesn’t have rocks in the water that would be uncomfortable for your feet. 

The calm waters make it an area where you could even let your kids play in the water. 

Arashi Beach Snorkeling 

There are a couple of areas where there are large rocks in the water that you can snorkel around. 

Mae saw some fish, but it wasn’t nearly as populated as the bearby options of Malmok Beach or Tres Trapi. If you are looking for great snorkeling head to one of those instead; they are only about 5 minutes away. 


There were a lot of people on the beach the last time we went, but we did learn that this was because it was a two cruise ship day. 

This means that there is a large influx of people on the island. Arashi Beach is one of the cruise excursion options. 

Even with the cruise passengers the beach didn’t feel crowded. There were people in the restaurant and bar, but it wasn’t a problem to rent a beach chair or find our own space to lounge in the sand. 


This is where this beach outshines other nearby options.  

Other nearby beaches don’t have amenities or the amenities are only for the nearest hotel guests.  

At this beach, you can visit the  restaurants, bar, rent beach chairs, purchase a tour, or rent other water toys/equipment. 

There are even showers and restrooms (rare at Aruba beaches). The bathrooms do charge you $1 to use though, so be aware. 

Our favorite was the bar that served $5 gelato. We should have been smarter, but it does melt quite quick in the hot sun so make sure you finish quickly! 

The restaurant is more of you is standard concession stand, but the prices aren’t too bad. Expect to pay $10-$15 for your standard hamburgers or chicken tenders meal. 

Where is Arashi Beach located?

This beach sits on the northwest shore of the main island of Aruba; it is only about 10 minutes from the high rise hotel area.  If you come from the airport it will take you about 30 minutes. 

How to get to Arashi Beach

To get here you just take the main road that follows the shore line all the way until it ends. You can’t miss the beach as the road literally dead ends at the beach. 


Even though this is a popular beach, you shouldn’t have any issue finding parking. There is a large parking lot offering free spots directly along the shore. 

Even if the lot is full there is extra on street parking on the approach up to the beach, or dirt lots beyond the actual paved lot. Once again, all the spots are free. 

Other beaches nearby worth visiting:

All the beaches listed below are within a 4 minute drive of each other. Malmok is the first beach you will come across and Arashi is the last. There is only a 4 minute drive from Malmok to Arashi. 

Malmok Beach – Amazing snorkeling. Very rocky. Loved this spot just don’t expect your typical sandy beach. Read more on Malmok Beach here.

Tres trapi – most crowded of the three. But amazing and worth the visit. 

Boca Catalina – Easiest water entrance of the three making it the best choice if you have small children.  best for snorkeling and small children. Children can snorkel right off the shore. The fish are so close! Sandy entrance.

Conclusion: Is Arashi Beach Worth Visiting?

This beach has everything you need to spend an entire day at! I will be the first to admit I typically get bored spending the entire day in one location, but this beach had everything. I loved that it attracted locals as well as tourists, and that the amenities are open to anyone.

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