Boca Catalina Beach Guide

Boca Catalina Beach Aruba
Boca Catalina Beach in Aruba

Boca Catalina is another good beach on the northwest shore of the main island of Aruba. It offers a stretch of soft white sand and access to the clear turquoise waters that the Caribbean and specifically Aruba are famous for. 

The beach is located a couple miles north of the hotel high rise area, which keeps it from getting super crowded. There are still a few boutique hotels and condos in the area, so don’t expect to have the beach to yourself.  

Boca Catalina also offers good snorkeling, but if you really want fantastic snorkeling just head south (or left once in the water to get down) to Tres Trapi.

Where this beach really shines though is at sunset. It’s aimed in the perfect direction to watch the sun dip below the horizon. 

Boca Catalina Beach Info:

  • Other Names: Boca Catalina 
  • Where: Northwest tip of Aruba (next to Arashi Beach and Tres Trapi)
  • Facilities/Amenities: a few pavilions/umbrellas that are first come first serve
  • Shade Cover: North side of beach nice tree shade.
  • Best for: sunsets 
  • Not So Good For: amenities 
  • Available excursions: 
  • Cost: free 

What you can Expect at Boca Catalina

There were a number of guests on the shore from the immediate hotels/condos in the area. We felt like the area specifically catered to Europeans as we were the only Americans in this stretch of shore, which is more rare in Aruba

The beach isn’t huge, but the sand is wide enough for you to still spread out comfortably on the sand. 

Swimming Conditions

The water is generally calm with a soft sand entrance that is nice on the feet.  

We spent about an hour just floating in the clear blue water just off shore. It’s always nice to be able to see through the water and not have tons of rocks or seaweed at your feet! 

Boca Catalina Snorkeling

There are some rocky areas at the ends of the beach that allow for amazing snorkeling. While it is a decent spot to see all sorts of fish, it isn’t as good as the the neighboring Tres Trapi and Malmok Beach.


Does Boca Catalina beach get crowded? Yes. It definitely can depending on which section of the beach you choose.

Before going to this beach I read that you can have it all to yourself on the week days. This was definitely not the case when we visited in 2024.

During our 10 day stay in Aruba we visited Boca Catalina a few times and each time there were people there. Once in the water you have plenty of room to spread out so it doesn’t feel crowded, but it can feel a little crowded on the beach.

The only thing you might miss out on by not getting there early is a spot in the shade.

Shade Cover

I recommend getting there early to secure a spot in the shade. There are a number of trees on the beach that work for shade cover.

Boca Catalina Sunsets 

Given the perfect west framing of this beach it lines up for fantastic views of the sunset. I feel like the most crowded of the 3 times we visited were when we went at sunsent. 


While the beach itself is beautiful, this beach is lacking in the amenities that will allow you to spend the entire day there. 

If you are staying in a condo in the area though it may be perfect. 

If you are looking for a beach in the area that has everything though, you can visit the next door Arashi Beach. 

Where is Boca Catalina Beach located?

If you drive to the northwest tip of the island you will arrive at Boca Catalina just seconds before the beach at the end of the line (Arashi Besch).

It takes about 30 minutes to get here from the airport, and only about 10 of you are coming from the airport or cruise port. 

How to get to Boca Catalina

Getting to this beach is quite easy. Your GPS will lead you directly here. You can’t miss it is as you are able to see the shore from the road. 


There is a small lot directly off of the road. There are actually a couple different access points interspersed around the condos in the area. 

All of the options are free, and even if the small lot is full you can park across the street at various spots. Parking in the area shouldn’t be an issue. 

Other beaches nearby I recommend checking out:

All the beaches listed below are within a 4 minute drive of each other. Malmok is the first beach you will come across and Arashi is the last. There is only a 4 minute drive from Malmok to Arashi. 

Malmok Beach – The most quiet of the 4. I personally liked Malmok beach and Arashi the best. Tres Trapi was always the most crowded with Boca Catalina coming in second for crowds. Read our full guide to visiting Malmok beach here.

Tres Trapi – most crowded of the three. But amazing and worth the visit. Read the full guide here.

Arashi – more of your traditional beach with lots of sand and amenities. 

Conclusion: Is Boca Catalina Beach Worth Visiting?

Yes, I definitely recommend it. Especially if you are in the area.

If you are looking for an all inclusive beach in the area I would go a little bit further and hang out at Arashi Beach instead, however if you end up here it is still exceptionally beautiful. 

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