12 Reasons Why You Should Go On An Antarctic Cruise!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to vacation at the bottom of the earth?  Have you ever wanted to be one of the few people to ever step foot on that continent?  I know I have!  If you read my post 20 Photos That Will Convince You Winter Is The Best Time To Travel then you know that I love travelling in the winter.  Living in Las Vegas has its perks, but I often get hungry for a change of scenery (being surrounded by scorching hot dirt every day will do that to you).

An Antarctic cruise has been on my dream bucket list for FOREVER! I am keeping my fingers crossed that next winter (Antarctica’s summer) my husband and I will be on a cruise ship heading there.  Obviously Antarctica is very cold year round, but from November to February it is warm enough for cruise ships to make the trek.

So here they are!  These 12 photos are all the reasons I need.

Enjoy!  – Clarissa

bigstock-Big-cruise-ship-in-the-Antarct-78745379resizefinalPhoto: Big Stock Photo

8369521981_36b567009f_oresizePhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

8369524725_8865f64362_oresizePhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

bigstock-Huge-Arch-Shaped-Iceberg-in-An-65261785resizefinalPhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

8369553897_17c420a748_o1resizePhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

8369562355_9e2e5f74b9_oresizePhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

8369567039_b1cfdf0c44_oresizePhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

8370586766_d3a5ce9109_oresizePhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

8370632032_07006734d6_oresizePhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

8370647648_a57a86bab4_oresizePhoto: Big Stock Photo 

8371340296_faf5ed0be0_oresizePhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

11235855914_df1de0ff17_oresizePhoto: Christopher Michel / Flickr 

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12 Reasons An Antarctic Cruise Should Be At The Top Of Your Bucket List! Click through to Avenly Lane Travel to read more!



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