Anaeho’omalu Bay Beach (aka Waikoloa Beach – Big Island!)

Waikoloa Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Waikoloa Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. One of my favorite Big Island beaches!

Anaehoomalu Beach is one that is less likely to come across your radar when searching for the best big island beaches. It should! It can be confusing because it gets called by a few different names.

It is in the middle of the Waikoloa Resort area of the Hawaiian Big Island, but even if you are not staying in the area it is worth searching out for a couple of unique reasons. 

This beach borders a Hawaiian pond which results in a super unique “bridge beach” experience, has awesome snorkeling, and a way to make you feel like you are on your own private island. 

Quick Facts

  • Other Names: Waikoloa Beach, Waikoloa Bay, Anaeho’omalu Beach 
  • Known For: views from bordering beach and Hawaiian ponds, awesome snorkeling 
  • Facilities: restrooms, showers, boat and water activity rentals 
  • Lifeguards: no
  • Parking: plenty
  • Cost: free
  • Crowds: shockingly way less than comparable beaches 
  • Other: with a quick walk you can find your own stretch of beach in a protected jungle


This beach is in the ritzy Waikoloa Resort area, which is why it blends in with and shares the name of Waikoloa Beach. 

It is about a 25 minute drive from the main Kona airport, or about a 40 minute drive to Kona. 


There is plenty of free parking immediately off of the beach. I went on a summer Sunday afternoon and there were still a lot of spaces available. 

What to Expect Once There 

Full disclosure the sand on this beach isn’t quite as nice as the sand on some of the other beaches. That being said, it’s not bad at all, just a little bit rockier than some of the others. That is the ONLY negative I can even think of. 

Everything else about this beach is fantastic, and there are some unique elements not available elsewhere. 

Bridge Beach View 

When you first get to this beach it looks like there is a sand beach bridge connecting two other beaches. 

It’s not actually a bridge, just a built up sea wall separating a Hawaiian Pond from the ocean. The effect is really striking. 

Hawaiian Ponds

Even though the pond looks like it connects to the beach, it doesn’t actually. 

The water in this pond is fresh water, which helps let a different variety of fish and animal life live in it. 


The rocky outcroppings make a great place to snorkel and see a variety of animals. Generally they block the biggest waves from coming in. This helps keep the sea life visible and provides and ease of swimming around. 

Your Own Island Feel 

When walking out onto the beach it opens up in front of you down to the right.  Your views are drawn here because that is where the bridge beach/pond is. 

If you turn left and proceed to walk a couple hundred yards beyond a few houses you will find more gorgeous stretches of beach, and almost no people. 

What makes these undisturbed beaches even better is that the jungle plants come out towards the shore. They provide shade if you want a brief respite from the intense Hawaiian sun. 

I walked 5 minutes down the beach and felt like I had my own island beach paradise. I could see back to the main beach, but shockingly almost no one else comes down this direction.  


This beach is a fantastic choice when looking for a Big Island beach. While the Big Island doesn’t have as many beaches as Maui, and many of the best get crowded, you can still find an awesome beach that you can spread out on and enjoy Anaeho’omalu Beach.

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