Cecret Lake Trail Utah (Family Friendly Beginner Hike!)

Cecret lake Trail Utah
Cecret lake Trail Utah

Cecret Lake Trail is an amazing family friendly hike that will take you through the gorgeous mountains of Utah to a beautiful alpine lake in the Albion Basin of Little Cottonwood Canyon near Alta Ski Area.

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Cecret Lake Trail Details:

  • Distance – 1.8 mile out and back trail
  • Difficulty – Easy to moderate
  • Elevation gain – 465 ft
  • Family friendly – Yes!! All ages. Great hike for kids
  • Cost – $10 amenity fee per vehicle
  • Foot Traffic – Can get very crowded to moderately crowded
  • Other – No dogs allowed, no swimming allowed

What to Bring 

Sunscreen, hat, bug spray, water.

You do not need hiking boots for the trail as it is paved unless it is raining. This trail can get really muddy and slippery so I highly recommend wearing waterproof hiking boots

Salomon is my favorite brand for hiking shoes. You can shop there latest designs here. They are pricey but worth it. 

Make sure to bring a jacket because it at over 9,000 feet elevation the weather, even in the summer will be much colder on the trail than at the bottom of the canyon.

Note – I did this hike during the first week of August and it was 54 degrees F. Make sure to check the weather here before going.

Where is the Cecret Lake Trail Located?

Cecret Lake is located in Albion Basin, Little Cottonwood Canyon near the Alta Ski Area. 

Once you arrive you will most likely need to wait in line to park. There is a booth where they will collect $10 for entry.

They meter the parking because the lots were full, and they do not allow any roadside parking. I have been up there three times, the first we waited about 15 minutes, the second time there was no wait. They will let more cars in as people leave.

Cecret Lake Parking

You will want to park at the second parking lot just past the Albion meadows trailhead parking. It is labeled ‘Cecret Lake Trailhead’ parking.

If you can’t find parking at the Cecret Lake Trailhead you can park at the Albion meadows trail parking or lot C, which is located just past the Cecret Lake Trailhead parking lot.

Cecret Lake Trail parking
Cecret Lake Trailhead parking

Cecret Lake Trailhead

The Cecret Lake Trailhead is located right by the parking lot and campground. The hike starts at the campground.

Cecret Lake Trail (What to expect)

Cecret Lake Trail
Cecret Lake Trail

The trail has a pretty steady incline and gets steep towards the top.

You will start on a slow, gradual ascend up. Walking mostly on gravel through the woods with the gorgeous mountains in the background. 

During the right time of year end of July early August, you will see wild flowers everywhere.

At the end of the hike you will reach switchbacks that are very rocky all the way up to the top and that is the end of the hike.

The last 0.2 miles is much steeper than the rest, but the lake is well worth it.

Cecret Lake Elevation

The elevation is 9,875′. So high. If you aren’t accustomed to the altitude the hike will be a lot more difficult for you.

Stream Crossings

Depending on the weather, you will walk through some very small streams. Not deep at all. I always hike in my Salomon waterproof hiking boots and they are amazing for stream crossings.

Cecret Lake Stream Crossings
Cecret Lake Stream Crossings

Cecret Lake Hike Terrain

The terrain on the trail starts as gravel/dirt and turns more rocky as the trail goes on. See photo below.

Cecret Lake Trail Terrain
Cecret Lake Trail Terrain – Top photo is the beginning of the hike. Bottom photo is where the switch backs begin.


It does get crowded, especially on the weekends but it’s still worth it! 

Once you arrive at the lake, there is so much space to spread out.

Shade Cover 

Throughout the hike you are in and out of shaded area depending on the time of day and where the sun is. 

Wildflowers on the Cecret Lake Trail

The best time to see the Utah wildflowers is from late July to early August. They really shine on this trail!

It is illegal to pick the wildflowers.

Cecret Lake Wildflowers Utah
Wildflowers on the Cecret Lake Trail

Best time to visit

The best times to visit this trail are May through October. During the spring and fall, this trail will most likely be covered in snow and may require snowshoes, or other technical gear to complete.

Other Trails Accessible from Cecret Lake

Other trails that are accessible from here include Devil’s Castle Loop, Catherines Pass, and the Albion Meadows Trail.


Can you walk around Cecret Lake?

Can you bike up the trail?

Biking is prohibited on the Cecret Lake trail.

Can you swim at Cecret Lake?

Unfortunately, there is no swimming in the lake. You might be wondering why you can’t swim at Cecret Lake? It is because it’s a watershed that provides drinking water to Salt Lake City!

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