Divi Beach (Underrated beach in Aruba)

Divi Beach
Divi Beach in Aruba.

Having visited Aruba twice, I was shocked that I hadn’t heard more about Divi beach. It is absolutely stunning and now stands as one of my favorite beaches in Aruba.

You will not find better sand on the entire island. It is incredibly soft and blinding white. (Don’t forget your sunglasses.) The water is as blue as I’ve ever seen. (Maybe with the exception of the beaches on the Virgin Islands).

The beach sits on the Divi Aruba All Inclusive Resort.

Like lots of beaches on this part of the island, this one generally experiences calm waters. This resulted in me literally being able to see fish swimming in the water around me as I waded out from shore, no snorkel equipment required!

There are hotels in the area, but not everything on the beach is limited to hotel guests. We thoroughly enjoyed lunch at one of the beachside restaurants and bars. 

Divi Beach Quick Info:

  • Other Names: Druif Beach or Manchebo Beach (each next door) 
  • Where: southwest tip of the main island of Aruba (though it is kind of northwest when you look at a map)
  • Facilities/Amenities: Restaurants, bars, umbrellas rentals, volleyball net 
  • Best for: an all around great experience 
  • Not So Good For: avoiding other people 
  • Available excursions: There is a booth on the beach where you can book all kinds of excursions.
  • Cost: free 

What you can Expect at Divi Beach

First off, it will look like pictures. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. It is beautiful!

Swimming Conditions

The generally clam water is a rear to swim in, even with kids. We saw a number of families in the water and even got invited to join a just off shore football game. 

There is a soft sand entrance into the water; you don’t need to worry about stepping on rocks or bringing your water shoes.

Divi Beach Snorkeling 

The clear calm water makes it an easy spot to snorkel at. The only problem is that the area isn’t exactly where you will find a ton of fish. 

If you are here with your snorkel equipment you will see fish, just not as many as you can find elsewhere. 

There is one rocky area to the left that makes it easier to see more, but once again don’t expect to be totally overwhelmed. For better snorkeling I recommend checking out Malmok beach or Tres Trapi beach. They are located right next to each other which makes it super convenient to check out both. Boca Catalina beach is another great option as well.

Malmok beach is a 10 minute drive from Divi beach.


Even on a busy holiday weekend the beach was not crowded. There were definitely people on it from the nearby hotels, but there were substantially less people than we found on Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. 


There are umbrellas, but they are reserved for the hotel guests. 

This beach is also perfect for sand volleyball, and sports on the beach. If you are not a hotel guest you will have to bring your own towels, umbrellas etc.

Restaurants and bars

There is a restaurant and full bar located directly on the beach with gorgeous views and reasonable prices.

Expect to pay about $12 USD for a quesadilla and I paid $16 USD for a burger and fries. (2024 pricing) Free wifi at the bar. 

Where is Divi Beach located?

Divi Beach is a small beach located just south of the more popular Eagle Beach. If you think of Aruba like a rectangle leaning to the left, it’s at the top left corner. 

It is only about a 10-15 minute drive to the airport or the cruise port. 

How to get to Divi Beach 

Driving to this beach is easy. It is directly off of the main road. 


There is a lot of free parking directly off of the beach. You can pull off the road to either side. Even on New Years Eve there were plenty of open spots. 

Beaches worth visiting nearby:

There are 4 awesome beaches in the area within a 1 mile stretch.

It will take you 4 minutes to get from eagle beach (the first beach) to druif beach (the last beach).

We have personally visited all of these beaches a few times so here are our thoughts on which ones you should prioritize. 

All of these beaches face the sunset making them all amazing for watching the sunsets.

Eagle beach Eagle beach is the most crowded and most popular. Beautiful beach perfect for swimming and tanning. Lots of sand to spread out. 

Manchebo beach – Harder to get to if you are not staying at a beach front hotel. But you can get there via a 10 minute walk from Divi beach. Its beautiful. Not as many amenities as Divi offers.

Druif beach – Just past Divi beach.

Conclusion: Is Divi Beach Worth Visiting?

I like this beach a lot! Honestly, along with Arashi beach, Divi beach is one of my favorite beaches in Aruba. I love that it is in the main hotel zone but a little bit removed from the biggest influx of people. 

It was a perfect spot to relax for an entire afternoon, including lunch at the beach 

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