Plage Des Salines Guadeloupe (Overrun with Sargassum)

Plage des Salines Guadeloupe
Plage des Salines Guadeloupe


Guadeloupe has a TON of amazing beaches. There are so many that you generally can’t go wrong booking a place to stay by any one of them. Unfortunately, Plage Des Salines is NOT one of the beaches you would want to stay near or visit.

Note – There are two beaches in Guadeloupe that go by the name Plage des Salines ( or Plage Grande Anse des Salines). One is located in Saint-Francois right next to Pointe des Chateaux and is an amazing beach to visit. This post focuses on the one in Mare Galiard.

June 2023 The beach is currently overrun with smelly seaweed.

There are multiple beaches on the south side of Grande-Terre Guadeloupe that get sargassum, but local authorities generally do an excellent job of clearing it out. With Plage Des Salines it feels like they gather up the seaweed from all the others beaches and dumped it here.

Plage des salines Guadeloupe
Plage des salines beach in Guadeloupe – overrun with seaweed

Read on to see what amazing beaches you should visit instead.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are two different beaches with the name Plage Des Salines. There is one in Guadeloupe and one in Martinique in the Caribbean. This review is about the one in Guadeloupe.

Plage Des Salines Info

  • Where: Mare Galiard, South side of the island of Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe
  • Facilities/Amenities: none. Not even picnic tables. A couple of pavilions only. 
  • Cost: free 

Where is Plage Des Salines located?

Plage Des Salines is located immediately off the main road in the Mare Galiard area. It is in an extremely convent area that is quite easy to access. If this beach was properly maintained it would be ideal for a quick stop.

How to get to Plage Des Salines (if you dare)

If you are driving to the airport from this area it will take you about 20-25 minutes.

You really should rent a car when you are in Guadeloupe though so that you can explore all the parts of the island. There are amazing spots all over. Make sure to make a reservation well ahead of time to lock in a low price. You can reserve a car here

Plage des Salines Parking

There is a decent sized lot and additional parking along the sides. You just have to dodge the piles of trash.

Plage des salines parking
Plage des salines parking

What you can Expect Plage Des Salines

Currently you can expect tons of rotting seaweed and piles of trash. The beach will likely be deserted because no one wants to be there.

I couldn’t even tell if the actual sand and water were nice because there was so much sargassum and the rotting smell was overpowering.

Swimming Conditions

Please don’t.



Conclusion and Where To Go Instead

There are a few other beaches nearby. 

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