Tjørnuvík Faroe Islands (Black Sand Beach, Surfing and Hikes!)

Tjørnuvík village in the Faroe islands
Tjørnuvík village in the Faroe islands

Tjørnuvík (pronounced ‘Chu-nu-vik) is an absolute must see when visiting the Faroe Islands.

Only a 10 minute drive from Fossa waterfall (tallest waterfall in the Faroe Islands). Considering you are on one of the 18 islands in the Faroe Islands this location is incredibly convenient and you should take advantage of it.

Tjørnuvík is a destination that no one will ever regret prioritizing on their trip to the Faroe Islands. 

Tjørnuvík is one of the oldest villages in the Faroe islands. Viking graves have been found in the eastern part of the valley proving that the area has been inhabited since the first Vikings came to the islands.

From the beach, you have a view of the two sea stacks known as risen OG, Kellen, Jenn also known as the giant, and the witch, who, according to legend, tried to drag the Faroe Islands to Iceland.

There is a popular taking route from Jordan back to Zach soon the village also faces the open Sea, and is perfect for surfing.

Don’t make the mistake of parking and sitting in your car in the parking lot and not going around and exploring the city and the beach. 

I saw so many cars just pull in and pull out after snapping a pic not even realizing how amazing a very short and easy hike is in this town. 

Tjørnuvík Location

Tjørnuvík is the northernmost village on Streymoy island tucked away in the rough seas of the North Atlantic Ocean.

If you are staying in the capital city of Tórshavn (like we did) it is about an hour drive from the city.

The location is convenient and just a 10 minute drive from the famous Fossa Waterfall. Read more about Fossa here.)

How to get there

I recommend renting a car and driving. It is possible to come by public transportation but it will require quite a bit of planning. 

You can check out the public bus to Tjørnuvík that departs from the nearby Eysturoy Island.

Tjørnuvík Parking

Parking lot is at the entrance. There are bathrooms and info on surfing here and tours if your here during season. 

The bathrooms were actually pretty nice considering. They had heaters, what more can you ask for.

What to do in Tjørnuvík

Don’t let this villages small size trick you into thinking there isn’t much to do here.

Tjørnuvik Beach

A gorgeous black sand beach and also the only beach you can surf at in the Faroe Islands.

Go Surfing

Who would have thought that this tiny, isolated village is one of the best surf spots in the North Atlantic! If you are up for some cold water surfing this beach is one of the best!

It is only encouraged and recommended with experienced surfers. 

The Surf Shack is located directly to the left of the parking lot and right next to the bathrooms. It is practically on the beach! You really can’t miss it.

If you are interested in surfing you can get more info here.

When is the best time to surf?

High season for surfing is from August to May.

During low season the local Surf Shack offers paddleboarding, cliff jumping, snorkeling and cave exploring tours.

Risen OG & Kellen

From the beach, you have a view of the two sea stacks known as risen OG, Kellen, Jenn also known as the giant, and the witch, who, according to legend, tried to drag the Faroe Islands to Iceland.

Order Waffles at the Privat Kafé

Run by a kind older couple who run sell waffles, tea, and coffee shop out of their home.

It is a great place to sit, chat, and recharge.

Accepts only cash (DKK and EUR).

You can expect to pay about 60 kr (about $5 USD) for coffee and a waffle. Great for a quick pick-me-up coffee.

Hiking in Tjørnuvík 

There are two hikes in the town. My favorite one that gives you the best views of the village from above is the Gonguturur hiking route. 

Read more on the hikes below. 

For both trailheads you will park in the main lot at the entrance of the town.

It is literally a 2 min walk to each of the trailheads. 

Gonguturur Hiking Route

Difficulty – Easy

The bridge at the beginning will lure you. But keep left along the fence to stay on the trail. 

The hike is uphill the entire way, but it doesn’t start to get steep until the top. It really isn’t hard so don’t stress. It’s quick. 

Took me maybe 15-20 minutes to get to the top? 

When I did it in mid October, it was muddy, wet Wendy, everything you’d expect from an autumn in the Faroe Islands

Make sure you have a waterproof/wind proof jacket, and waterproof boots are a must.

Hiking from Saksun to Tjørnuvik

There is an option of hiking from the village of Saksun to Tjørnuvik. I personally drove, but it is an option for those interested.

The hike will take you about three hours and it moderate difficulty.

Trailhead –

The trailhead is located in Saksun at the parking lot below Dúvugarðar (an old farmhouse).

The hike is well-marked with cairns for the entire six to seven kilometers and offers a great view of Slættaratindur and Gráfelli, the two tallest mountains in the Faroe Islands, along the way.

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