Guide to Visiting the West End (Roatan, Honduras)

West Bay Beach in Roatan Honduras
West Bay Beach in Roatan Honduras

The West End of Roatan isn’t just referring to the western side of this island. The West End is a specific neighborhood on the western side of the island.

This area is known for being one of the top tourist spots in all of Roatan.

Roatan gets a lot of visitors, but most of those visitors don’t spend the night. Most of the visitors come in on cruise ships for the day, and will either lounge on one of the beaches ore head out on some other type of excursion.

For those looking to do an extended Roatan diving trip or other various excursions on the island, there are two main choices if you want to stay in a happening tourist location, the West Bay, or the West End.

The West Bay and the West End are each located on the western side of Roatan. They are only about 15 minutes from each other, but the benefit of booking in either one is that they each have everything you would need within walking distance.

There are other parts of the island, but in general there will be a lot more locals there, and not all the attractions within walking distance.

West End Quick Facts

  • Other Names: Half Moon Bay
  • Known for: Being a top Roatan tourist neighborhood
  • Beach Access: yes, at Half Moon Bay Beach
  • Good for: walking to restaurants, shops, and tour operators
  • Not so good for: beach isn’t quite as good as the West Bay Beach
  • Cost: generally about the same as the West Bay area, but more expensive than various other local areas (Coxen Hole, French Harbor, etc.)

What to Expect in the West End of Roatan

Below is a brief overview of the West End area that should help you out when you consider where to book your next stay.

Access Via Mountain Rodes

The entire island of Roatan feels like a mountain jungle and the neighborhoods or small towns line the shores. To get here you will have to drive up and down the mountain on a winding road, whether you take a taxi or rent a car and drive yourself.

Facilities In The Area

The area has all kinds of hotels, restaurants, and bars that line the shore along the bay. It also attracts a lot of locals that will want to swim in the gorgeous waters of Half Moon Bay Beach. The hotels in the area are nice, but there aren’t a lot of high rises. You can find something to fit every budget. If you want something especially cheap you should look at AirBnBs that offer extended stay discounts.

Safety in Roatan

The West End is popular with remote workers who will come to the island for a couple months at a time. The area is well patrolled by security guards that make the area feel safe.

The Honduras mainland has a lot of crime problems, but those problems don’t extend out to the island of Roatan, and definitely not to the West End area.

Still not convinced? Read our blog post Is Roatan Safe?

Top Tour Launching Point

A bunch of the top tours and excursions launch directly from here. The reefs that make Roatan so ideal are just off the shore, so you will not have a long ride out to the top dive sites!

Water Taxis Between West Bay and West End

With the mountain roads winding up and down the mountain to connect various parts of the island, it is actually a lot faster to transfer by boat.

Locals have figured this out and offer water taxi service between the two most popular tourist areas, the West Bay and the West End.

It is easy to book one, you just walk out on the piers and ask one of the boats labeled “Water Taxi.” Typically fares are only a couple bucks and the ride itself only takes about 5 minutes.

Conclusion: Is the West End Area Worth Visiting?

While the top place I would recommend staying is the West Bay Beach area, the West End is another great option when booking in Roatan.

The proximity to the coral reefs and restaurants, bars, and beach make it a great choice!

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