Half Moon Bay in Roatan Honduras (What to Expect!)

Half Moon Bay Beach in Roatan Honduras
Half Moon Bay Beach in Roatan Honduras

Half Moon Bay is the main beach on the West End of the island of Roatan in Honduras.

The West End is one of the two main tourist hot spots on the island, the other being the West Bay.

Yes, it is a little bit confusing with the two different neighborhoods being called the West End and the West Bay and both of the being located on the west side of the island of Roatan. That being said, the two areas are only 15 minutes apart, so it makes sense that they often get blended together.

Half Moon Bay gets its name because of its shape. I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the beach is in the shape of a crescent moon.

Roatan as a whole doesn’t have a lot of sandy beaches, so the sandy shores of Half Moon Bay get pretty popular. This is also a top spot where a lot of tours and excursions to the coral reefs leave from.

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Quick Tips for Visiting Half Moon Bay

  • Other Names: West End Beach
  • Known for: Beautiful water, coral reefs off shore, and being one of Roatan’s tourist hot spots
  • Water Color: a gorgeous clear turquoise
  • Good for:
  • Crowds: can get crowded filling up the sand
  • Facilities: none directly on the beach, but there are plenty of shops, cafes, and resorts lining the shore
  • Lifeguards: none
  • Parking: street parking a couple of minutes up the street
  • Cost: free

Where Half Moon Bay Beach Located?

Half Moon Bay Beach is located about 25 minutes from the main Roatan Airport, or Coxen Hole, the main city on the island of Roatan. The bay is located in the heart of the West End, one of Roatan’s most bustling tourist areas.

The bay is on the west side of the island. The island is about 40 miles long and 3 miles wide. On the western side there are two main tourist areas, the West Bay and the West End. Half Moon Bay is in the heart of the west end. When you look at a map of Roatan, it definitely looks like a half moon.

The West End is a very safe part of the island where you will see people walking around all night.

There isn’t a set “nightlife” as the island is basically too small, but you will see restaurants and outdoor bars that are open fairly late.

What can you expect at Half Moon Bay Beach

The waters of the Caribbean Sea are especially gorgeous in Roatan. Often, you will get the clear light blue with a turquoise hue of water. I could stare at it for hours. On this side of the island the water is almost always very calm.

There is a stretch of nice sand, but full disclosure it isn’t the thickest portion of sand between the street and the water, and given its popularity it can fill up pretty quick. There really isn’t a lot of room for people to lay out and sun along the shore. You could, but you would have people continually dodging you walking back and forth.

If you are looking for a Roatan beach with more space, you should check out the West Bay Beach (aka Tabyana Beach) instead.

Half Moon Bay Beach in Roatan Honduras
Half Moon Bay Beach in Roatan Honduras

Other Area Attractions

Even though the beach isn’t the best, it is still nice to spend time on. The other real attraction of the area is the tourism infrastructure in the area. There are all kinds of good restaurants, cafes, and bars that are open for outdoor eating and lounging.

If you are looking to buy a tour or book a dive excursion there are ample shops lining the shore where you can do exactly that.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend two different things.

  1. The first is a snorkel or dive trip to the reefs just off shore. The coral reef off the side of Roatan is the second biggest on earth, and is teaming with sea life that is amazing to view.
  2. The second would be a trip to the Gumbalimba Eco-Adventure Park. This park is where you can have monkeys are giant parrots crawl all over you, ride a zipline, or lounge on their own beach.

Conclusion: Is Half Moon Bay worth visiting?

The Half Moon Bay Beach area is a great stop if you are on the island of Roatan.

The beach is small but nice, so long as the crowds aren’t too great. I enjoyed this beach, but if I was booking a hotel I would prefer to stay in the West Bay area instead.

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