How to Become a Flight Attendant – 7 Tips to Getting Hired

7 Tips to becoming a flight attendant
7 tips to becoming a flight attendant.

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Want to know how to become a flight attendant? There are tons of advantages of becoming a flight attendant which makes the job very desirable and very competitive. 

So many people want jobs as flight attendants, that there usually are only a few open slots. Literally, it’s been said that it is easier to get into Harvard than it is to land a job as a flight attendant (NY Post).

I got my airline job after applying a second time, but I just recently helped my brother get offers from two different airlines the first time he applied to each, and helped my sister-in-law get an offer from her dream airline within six months.

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Keep reading to learn all the secrets to becoming a flight attendant and landing one of these coveted jobs…

How to Become a Flight Attendant: Tips on How to Get Hired

1. Apply often

Becoming a flight attendant can be difficult because the competition is high. So if you are discouraged and wondering how do you become a flight attendant, know you will have to apply often and not give up.

I didn’t get hired the first time I applied

I didn’t get hired my first time, but I did my second. Keep applying over and over again. The commitment can help you out in the interview process.

Lots of times applications are only open for a few hours, so keep checking back or set alerts so you automatically get emailed when a new airline is hiring.

2. Apply to all airlines

Even if the airline hiring isn’t your airline of choice, it is a million times easier to get a job with your dream airline if you are coming from another airline. Some airlines allow commuting, meaning that even if you get hired to be “based” out of Detroit, you can still live in Florida and fly up right before your shifts. After you get some tenure in Detroit you can likely transfer elsewhere.

Don’t forget about international airlines as well.  Even if you aren’t willing to temporarily live in Dubai, know that a number of international airlines have US based crews. I use Indeed or Glassdoor to find job openings.

I have a friend that even started as a flight attendant on a private corporate jet before transferring to an airline. The experience made all the difference.

3. Research the interview process (MOST IMPORTANT)

By doing a thorough Google search you can literally find most airlines’ entire interview process. My brother found the entire interview process including the exact questions he would be asked before his interview. Evidently he looked like a total rock star with his answers.  He knew when they would be in group interviews, and that when he made it to a one on one interview it meant he was doing really well. Read more on finding interview questions here.

You can even find tips on writing the proper cover letter for flight attendant applications.

4. Research the airline

Each airline has a slightly different business model and slightly different culture. Figure out what the airline is looking for and adapt your answers to it. Hiring managers have tons of qualified applicants to choose from, so it often comes down to who they think is going to be a good fit.

5. Look the part

Unfortunately airlines have a reputation for hiring the same cookie cutter skinny girls. It isn’t always like this, but know that that ideal image is still sought for. Dress well, but conservatively; hide tattoos and piercing, and know that the days of flight attendants wearing hot pants are over.

6. Smiles and safety

This may sound trite, but with customer service and passenger security being the top two priorities of a flight attendant, it is extremely important that you mention these in your interviews.  Anything you can do to show you can help meet each of these goals will help you out a ton!

7. Call in any connections

Have a friend who works for an airline? Have a friend who has an aunt that works for an airline?  Call her and ask her to put in a good word. Though it could do nothing, any little thing to get you put to the top of the list help.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

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