The #1 Secret to Passing the Cabin Crew Interview

Cabin crew interview

Are you wanting to become a flight attendant and wondering how to pass the cabin crew interview? Want to be able to fly almost anywhere for free? Not sure yet? Read the benefits of being a flight attendant.

I previously worked as a flight attendant and absolutely loved it (even though it isn’t perfect, read more about why here.

The #1 Secret to Passing the Cabin Crew Interview

Cabin Crew Recruitment is Difficult

Most people know that flight attendant recruitment is difficult. It’s difficult because so many people want the job. Recently when Delta Airlines opened up 1,000 spots for cabin crew recruitment they had more than 125,000 applicants. The NY POST reported that by acceptance rate, getting the job at Delta is harder than getting into Harvard!

Don’t let that deter you from applying. With careful planning you can separate yourself from the crowd by using my cabin crew secrets and the number one tip in landing airline stewardess jobs.

What is the number one tip for passing the Cabin Crew Interview?

When looking up flight attendant interview tips there is a ton of advice. Some of it is helpful, while other tips I think will throw you off. As someone who had to interview twice to get hired, I can tell you that the number one things that would have helped me would have been to…


With so many applications, airlines need a uniform way to sift through them all. This results in a formulaic approach. The best thing about this approach is that there are thousands of people that have gone through it that are willing to share their experiences.

The interview process at many airlines is similar. Typically, you will do a video interview first. If you pass the video interview, you then move on to a group interview, and then finish with an individual one. By knowing what hiring managers look for and will ask in each step of the process, you can make sure you cater your answers appropriately.

Who isn’t going to feel more confident knowing the exact steps and questions in the process? Being calm in tense situations is an important qualification for stewardess jobs, and knowing the process will help you portray this.

Where can I find the cabin crew interview questions?

The best place to find the cabin crew interview questions is to find existing flight attendants discussing the interview process on YouTube or in online flight attendant forums.

A couple examples of airline interviews…

Want to prepare for the video airline interviews at United Airlines? Zakary Scott’s interview video actually takes you through his video interview.

This isn’t just for airlines based in the United States. Want to know what Emirates out of the UAE is looking for in an air hostess interview? Watch Miss Kiedis’ video below.

Even though there are similarities, the interview process varies by airline. To make sure you are getting the most relevant information, make sure your search is airline specific. Also make sure the information is recently posted as the hiring processes change over time.

Flight Attendant Requirements

Another benefit of doing your research is that you will find out airline specific flight attendant requirements. For example, some airlines have different rules about piercings, weight, and tattoos.

Flight Attendant Careers

Given that lots of flight attendants keep their jobs for a long time, its worth putting in the extra effort to make sure you qualify when flight attendant hiring is open.

Finding Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants

The best way to find airlines hiring flight attendants is to check Indeed or Glassdoor for openings. Be willing to start working at any airline at first, even if it isn’t the one you want to work at long term. Read more general tips on getting hired as a flight attendant here.

I still have no idea how I got lucky enough to get hired at my airline. You can do better than me by being prepared for your cabin crew interview! Good luck.


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