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15 Fairytale Travel Destinations You HAVE To See


The most beautiful fairytale places are supposed to be magical, idealized, and for the most part imaginary. The destinations in this post seem to fit that description, except that they are real!

When I picture a fairytale castle, or a fairytale village, many of the spots below are exactly what come to my mind.  The blending of human development with beautiful and unique aspects of nature make a fairy tale destination.
What’s the most fairy tale like place you’ve ever visited?

Here are 15 of the Best Fairytale Places From All Over the World


1. Estaing, France

Estaing is a small town in France and easily one of the most beautiful towns in France.  I have yet to travel here but I can’t wait to go!

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  1. Espalion Village, France seems absolutely amazing! I need to find a way to get there, and to get there quickly. The picture of it basically represents my dream life. If I go there, I may not come home haha

  2. So many amazing destinations! I’ve been to Colmar before and love it! I think most of those other places are on my list and it’s hard to choose which ones I’d want to go to most.

  3. These places surely remind of some fairyland or Alice in Wonderland. Your blog is really very impressive and worth a read.


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