25 of the Most Beautiful Villages in the World

Hallstatt Austria - Most beautiful village in the world

I love big cities, but there are a lot of them around the world the feel remarkably similar. They consistently feature skyscrapers, crowded streets, and busy people in business suits.  

In my travels I have found that one of the best ways to experience a fundamentally different culture is to explore the smaller villages away from the big cities.  Below are 27 of the most beautiful villages the world (some small cities) that immediately show how unique they truly are.

The Most Beautiful Villages in the World

Let me know in the comments which of these beautiful villages is your favorite.

1. Shan State village, Myanmar

Shan State village Myanmar

Inle Lake, Shan State village, Myanmar. Definitely not the easiest village to get to, but if you get the chance, it is the opportunity of a lifetime!

2. Popeye Village, Malta

Popeye Village Malta

Popeye Village,  located at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta.

3. Xingping Guangxi, China

The Xingping and Li river from a nearby mountain in Xingping Guangxi China.

4. Carvoeiro, Portugal

Beautiful small town of Carvoeiro on the Portuguese coast.

5. Simiane La Rotonde Village, France

Simiane La Rotonde Village in France

Simiane La Rotonde Village in Provence, France.

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6. Reine, Norway

Reine Norway

Gorgeous village in Reine, Norway.

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7. Manarola, Italy

Manarola Village in Italy

Manarola is a village in the province of La Spezia, Italy.

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8. Rural village, China

Village on a rice field in southern China.

9. Vernazza, Italy

The village of Vernazza in Italy

Who doesn’t want to travel here?! The village of Vernazza, one of the Cinque Terre on the Italian coast.

10. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt Austria

Hallstatt, one of Austria’s oldest and most famous towns and one of the most beautiful village in the world.

11. Gifu village, Shirakawa, Japan

Gifu village Shirakawa in Japan

Shirakawa, Gifu village in Japan.  Known for being the site of Shirakawa-go traditional village showcasing a building style known as gassho-zukuri.

12. Cochem, Germany

Cochem Germany

Amazing Village of Cochem, Germany.

13. Village in the Dolomites in the Italian Alps

Dolomites in the Italian Alps

Amazing scenery of the Dolomites in the Italian Alps.

14. Albarracin, Spain

Albarracin Spain

Albarracin, Spain

15. Ronda, Spain

Ronda Spain
The Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda city – Malaga Andalusia Spain

Ronda, a mountain top village in Spain’s Malaga province that sets dramatically above a deep gorge. This place is out of this world beautiful. Do you agree?

16. Nuuk, Greenland

Nuuk Greenland

Nuuk, Greenland, pretty much my top dream travel destination. So much so that we even wrote a post all about it even though we have yet to go there! I couldn’t help myself – Greenland is just incredibly fascinating to me.

You can check out that post here – you know you really want to go somewhere when you study about the culture in your free time. One day it is going to happen.

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17. Bibury, England

Bibury England

The charming English village of Bibury, England.

18. Procida, Italy

Procida Italy

Gorgeous view of a fisherman’s villages on the island of Procida, Italy.

19. Staithes, North Yorkshire

Staithes, North Yorkshire. Exactly what I would imagine a place in North Yorkshire to look like.

20. Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

Ait Benhaddou in Morocco

Ait Benhaddou in Morocco is an impressive fortified city made up of many “kasbahs”.  A kasbah is buildings made entirely from mud and straw.

21. Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim Norway

The colorful city of Trondheim, Norway.

22. Village in Burgundy, France

Burgundy France Villages

Burgundy, France.

23. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam

Incredible floating village in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

24. Small remote village in Iceland


Green roof houses in Iceland make for one of the most beautiful villages on the list.

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25. Foggia, Italy

Monte Sant'Angelo, Province of Foggia, Italy
Monte Sant’Angelo, Province of Foggia, Italy

Foggia is a city in Southern Italy. With a population of just over 153,000 Foggia definitely slides under most people’s radar.

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25 of the most beautiful villages in the world!

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