Visiting Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon may be the most iconic place you can go in Iceland, and is deservedly a must see!  It was our last stop on our way back to the airport, and it was the perfect cap to our entire Icelandic vacation.

What is the Blue Lagoon?

Basically, the Blue Lagoon is a humongous hot tub located in the middle of field of lava rock.  The spa is heated by lava pushing up from the center of the earth. The milky blue water is not a photographic trick, but is what actually happens when geothermal energy helps heat and enrich the water.

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Visiting the Blue Lagoon, Iceland  The Blue Lagoon may be the most iconic place you can go in Iceland, and is deservedly a must see!

The water is enriched with silica, blue green algae, and mineral salts.  These ingredients help clean, exfoliate, nourish, and soften the skin (all while you are relaxing in the heavenly warm water).  While soaking, many visitors make silica mud masks to give themselves facials.

We soaked for hours, but unfortunately had to head back to the airport. It was the perfect way to relax after days of trekking around the island, and before a long flight home.

Blue Lagoon is now so popular that getting in is probably going to require a reservation (even when at capacity it’s big enough for all to still enjoy). Its popularity is now reflected in its increasing prices; it was about $40 per person when we went, but now is closer to $70. You should consider stopping in even if you are passing through Iceland on a layover (the spa is only 20 minutes from the airport).

What to Pack? Before traveling to Iceland, make sure to read my Iceland Packing List guide so you so that you are prepared for the unique elements this nation has to offer.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Visiting Blue Lagoon, Iceland!
Visiting Blue Lagoon, Iceland!

Visiting Blue Lagoon, Iceland!

Visiting Blue Lagoon, Iceland!

Thank you so much for reading! Any questions you have about blue lagoon you can ask below!

What to Pack for Iceland

  • Warm Fleece Jacket (without hood) 
  • Fleece Hoodie This will be great for adding extra layers when needed.
  • Warm Winter Hat – Shop my favorite winter hats from Nordstrom. I also really like this one here, it comes in a ton of different color options.
  • Thermals for layering – These come in a ton of different colors!
  • Fleece lined leggings – These fleece lined leggings were AMAZING to have on this trip. Not just warm, but so comfy and affordable! (You will thank me for these ;)
  • Warm scarf – I always like to bring a couple scarves for photos.
  • Touch screen gloves – There is nothing more annoying than having to continually take off your gloves so that you can use your phone to take pictures or videos, especially in the freezing cold. It’s because of that that these touch screen gloves are my favorite. These are also an awesome choice. They will work with the iPhones, Android phones and iPad and are wind proof.
  • Warm socks – I have been loving these Heat Holder socks.


If you are planning a trip to Iceland and are not sure what to pack no worries, we got you covered! ? Read our Iceland Packing Guide and avoid the mistakes that we made when planning and packing for Iceland. 

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  1. We are planning a 3 day trip to Reykavik next month and definitely want to make the blue lagoon one of our stops. What would you recommend as the best mode of transportation to get there from downtown Reykavik? Do you think its necessary to buy tickets in advance?

    • Hey Jennifer, even though there are buses that go back and forth, we were really glad that we had a rental car. We stopped at various places en route to take pictures, that the buses don’t stop. Also, some of the tours may stay too long or too short. We didn’t buy tickets in advance, and doubt this would be necessary because the lines were short and went incredibly quick, and the Blue Lagoon is huge, so I can’t imagine them ever being at capacity (even in the summer).

  2. This makes me even more excited about my upcoming visit to Iceland!!! I had this post pinned on my Pinterest travel board for awhile now and I seriously can not wait.Thank you for all the info :)

    • Thank you so much Ana! You will love it! Me and my husband went in the winter and it was amazing, no crowds. (I heard Blue Lagoon can get crowded in the summer)

  3. Hi Claire! If you had to guess, how crowded do you think it would be in late September? I’m planning a trip for then but I’m trying to avoid the crowds as much as possible. Thank you for all the information!

    • Hey Jess, I would think that a lot of the summer crowd would have died down by then but I can’t be sure. I think that you will get the cheaper pricing by that time so that is a good sign. Good luck on your trip! You will fall in love with Iceland.

  4. Hi thanks for your expirience, my husband, my daughter of 2 and me we will go in August and I am a bit worry about the expirience with my daughter because I dont see any child in your pics, what do you advice. Thank you!

  5. Wow, Can you imagine better place than that? I like travelling across the world. Unfortunately didn’t get a chance to go outside Asia. But now will fancy my chances to visit Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Can’t get better than that. Thanks for sharing the blog!


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