Where is Dubai Located? Everything you need to know

Where is Dubai located? Is Dubai a Country?

And why do I hear about it so much now?

You may have seen pictures of an ultra modern mega metropolis shining in the middle of a desert and wondered where is Dubai located? How come a city that glitzy looking is just now one you are hearing about?

The quick answer is NO, Dubai is not a country. Dubai is a city in the country of the United Arab Emirates, which often gets abbreviated to UAE. It is a super cool city worth visiting, see what’s there here.

The reason most people don’t know much about Dubai is because most of its development is relatively recent. Just look at these photos to see a small fishing village develop into a mega city supported by oil money.

Where is Dubai located?

Dubai is located in the Middle East. If you look at a Dubai map you will see it is next to Oman and Saudi Arabia.

It is also on the Persian gulf, directly across from Iran. You may worry about visiting that part of the world, but Dubai is different. Read why here.

In fact, visiting Dubai is a huge opportunity to see middle eastern culture mixed with a super modern and safe city. The city aims to attracts tourists, and are therefore is very accustomed to outsiders.

As an American, I’ve visited 3 different times, and enjoyed each one of them.

UAE and Dubai Map

UAE and Dubai Map

Where is Dubai on the Map?

Dubai City Map

Dubai has just over 3 million people that call it home. What is really fascinating about the population is that only 15% of the residents are UAE citizens, the rest being from various countries around the world.

Dubai City Map

Is Abu Dhabi in Dubai

Some people wonder if Abu Dhabi is in Dubai. Abu Dhabi is actually another city in the same country (UAE) as Dubai. The cities are only an hour and a half from each other by car.

On the Dubai city map above you can see Abu Dhabi is just a little bit southwest of Dubai. There is no Dubai to Abu Dhabi metro, but there are plenty of other options to transfer between the cities, read more here.

Abu Dhabi is also super modern, but isn’t catered to tourists as much as Dubai is.

Where is Dubai on a World Map?

You can check out the interactive map below to see Dubai on a world map.

Thanks for visiting, and let me know if you have any other Dubai questions in the comments below.

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