Planning a Canadian Road Trip? Here are 5 Top Tips for a Self-Drive Tour in Canada

Canada Road Trip & Self Drive Tours Tips! check out 5 top tips for a self drive tour in Canada! Check out the full article on #avenlylanetravel #canada #roadtrip #banff #selfdrivetour #albertacanada #avenlylane

Canada Road Trip & Self Drive Tours Tips!

Planning a Canadian Road Trip? I don’t blame you. Driving through Canada is by far the best way to explore and enjoy this wonderful country. The open expanse of the prairie lands along with the spectacular peaks of the Rocky Mountains are just some of the reasons you should go on a self-drive through Canada. If you decide to go on a journey like that, it’s crucial that you know all the laws of the roads, as well as a few other pointers that will make your drive through Canada an unforgettable and safe experience.

Plan ahead

Having a plan is always a good idea when you are going on a long journey for the first time. From looking up the language the local people speak to the type of roads, you should come to Canada prepared. This incredible country has plenty of amazing destinations for you to explore, so make sure you look up a few before you book your flight.

Also, keep in mind that travelling long-distance in Canada can be quite exhausting, so don’t hesitate to take rest stops any time you need, always have your cell phone with you and don’t forget warm clothes. Check the locations of pit stops ahead of travel and look up the location of gas stations, so you don’t run out of gas in the middle of the road.

Pick the right vehicle

Choosing the right vehicle is of great importance on your self-drive tour. Therefore, it’s a good idea to look up some of the best cars or motorhomes that will make your self drive through Canada a true delight. It’s vital that the hire car you choose is functional, safe and comfortable because you’ll be spending hours inside and you have no idea what types of roads you may come across.

Pick the vehicle based on the amount of your luggage and possible camping or skiing equipment, but don’t neglect your previous experience either. If you’re not used to driving big cars, you may want to reconsider renting an SUV or a campervan.

Looking for some ideas on what places you should add to your Canada road trip itinerary? I have a few!  Check out the articles below for more details.

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Know the rules of the roads

Safety comes first, so you should always fasten your seat belt because fines can be rather expensive in Canada. You should also stay familiar with the speed limit, and in Canada, you shouldn’t drive faster than 100km/h (62mph), while on some roads, you can go up to 120 km/h. You’ll need to drive slower in built-up areas, so don’t go over 50km/h.

Check if your lights are on during the daytime as well as during the night because that’s one of the road rules in Canada. Also, make sure you don’t text or talk on the phone while you’re driving because this can lead to a fine and demerit points.

Driving in winter

Driving during winter can be quite risky and challenging, so if you plan to visit Canada during snowy weather, it would be a good idea to come prepared. You shouldn’t drive on slippery, snowy roads unless you’ve already faced this kind of weather before because only skilled drivers will know how to handle various road dangers. Make sure your car has winter tires, so you can handle black ice that’s one of the biggest dangers in Canada during winter.

Look out for wildlife

Coming across some fascinating animals is highly likely on your self-drive tour through Canada, so make sure you pay attention while driving. Signs by the road will notify you if you’re entering an area where a deer or an elk might jump out of the woods. Don’t ignore the signs, but drive slowly and stay alert because any one of those animals can cause terrible damage to the car and jeopardize your life if you bump into them.

Going on a self-drive tour in Canada will be a wonderful adventure, but only if you’re well-informed about the roads and the surroundings. Therefore, make sure you plan everything ahead, stay safe and follow the rules of the Canadian roads, for a safe and amazing travelling experience.

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Canada Road Trip & Self Drive Tours Tips! check out 5 top tips for a self drive tour in Canada! Check out the full article on #avenlylanetravel #canada #roadtrip #banff


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