Peace Hill Trail – St John (Views of Denis Bay and Hawksnest Bay)

Peace Hill Trail St John
Peace Hill Trail St John

Looking for a quick hike to get absolutely amazing views of the island of St John in the US Virgin Islands? The Peace Hill Trail is barely a hike, but the payoff is great. 

You get to see sweeping views of the St John coast and out into the ocean. The top is also punctuated by an impressive stone windmill that stands as a sad reminder of the plantations run by slaves. 

From the promontory you will see some of the most popular beaches on the island, Hawksnest Beach and Trunk Bay. Also, you can follow one of the trail offshoots to Oppenheimer Beach if you are willing to hike a bit further. 

Quick Facts

  • Other Names: Peace Hill Windmill Hike, Peace Hike, Denis Bay Viewpoint, Hawksnest Bay Viewpoint
  • Distance: .1 miles each direction
  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Crowds: Very Few
  • Challenges: Rocky terrain can be tricky in flip flops
  • Known For: amazing promontory views and sturdy windmill as a stark reminder of the dark history of slaves
  • Other: Trail offshoot to Jumbie Beach also available
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What to Expect Once There

The Peace Hill Trail is an easy hike, just know that it is quite rocky. You could do this hike in flip flops because it is so short, but you probably wouldn’t want to because you could easily ram your feet into rocks. 

At the top you will also see a former sugar mill that has survived hurricanes since the times of slavery. 

See Denis Bay and Hawksnest Bay From Top

From the top of this short hike you can look down into two different bays. To your right you will see Denis Bay and Trunk Beach, and to your left you will see Hawksnest Bay and Hawksnest Beach.


It is at the top of a mountain between Hawksnest Beach and Trunk Bay. From the top you can see both. 

If you are driving from the main cruise terminal it will only take you about 10 minutes to get there. 

  • Length – The hike is barely 1/10th of a mile. It goes quite quick. If you take it slow it can be completed in just a couple minutes each direction. 
  • Parking – There is a small lot at the start of the trailhead. There aren’t a ton of spots so it can fill up.


Should you go to St John just for this hike? No, but if you are on the island and looking for a beautiful viewpoint with a brief hike the consider stopping by on your way to or from a beach like Trunk Bay. 

We have visited almost every beach on St. John and St. Thomas. Below are a list of our favorites.

  1. Trunk Bay – most beautiful beach I have ever seen!
  2. Cinnamon Bay – amazing full service beach
  3. Hawksnest Beach – amazing snorkeling beach
  4. Maho Bay Beach – almost guaranteed to see sea turtles here.
  5. Salomon Beach – Secluded Paradise!
  6. Honeymoon Beach – great hike and snorkeling
  7. Oppenheimer Beach – great to avoid the crowds
  8. Jumbie Beach – lesser known beach
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