25 Amazingly Underrated Things to do in Portugal

Looking for the best things to do in Portugal? You have come to the right place.

I had the chance to visit Portugal for the first time last year and it blew me away! From the charming European town of Porto, to the stunning castles in Sintra, Lisbon, and one of the best things to do in Portugal – visit the Azores Islands!

Below are a few of the best things to do in Portugal

What would you add to the list?

Sao Vicente, Madeira island, Portugal

Things to do in Sintra 

Pena Palace

Fairy palace in Sintra, Portugal. One of the most beautiful castles in the world!

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Visit the incredible Sintra Palace

Sintra Palace is the most impressive medieval royal residence in the country and the only remaining palace from the Middle Ages.

Located at the heart of the old town centre, the palace was also built by the moors and is distinguished by unique and colourful architecture.

Castle of the Moors

Castle of Moors in Sintra Portugal

Built in the 8th century by the Moors, this ruinous castle is a National Monument and one of the most iconic landmarks on the Sintra landscape.

Municipal museum of Palace of Monserrate in Sintra

Municipal museum of Palace of Monserrate in the village of Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal

This place might not be the highlight of a Sintra day trip but it is a really beautiful stop if you are close by.

Monsanto Village

Monsanto village in Portugal.
Monsanto village in Portugal.

Did you know there is a village literally built on a rock in Portugal? Definitely one of the most unique towns you might ever see. Have you been?

Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama in Lisbon Portugal. Best things to do in Portugal.

Lisbon to Algarve


Benagil Caves

Benagil Caves
Benagil Caves

Camilo Beach Lagos

Camilo Beach Lagos

Ponta Da Piedade Cliffs Algarve

Beach near Albufeira, Algarve

25 Fontes, Risco levada in Madeira Portugal

Risco levada in Madeira Portugal

Ponta Do Sol Bridge Madeira, Portugal

Ponta Do Sol Bridge Madeira, Portugal

What to see in the Azores Islands – Portugese Islands

Read more on the AZORES below:

Terra Nostra Park – Orange Hot Springs / Swim in Terra Nostra Botanical Park’s Orange Pool

Tip: Be careful when swimming in the orange pool as it stains everything it touches, including your swimsuit! I learned this the hard way.

Explore the Sete Cidades Lakes

Sete Cidades is a small village on the western side of San Miguel Azores, but the name is more commonly used to refer to the three-mile (five km) wide series of volcanic crater lakes in the area, surrounded by some absolutely amazing hikes and lookout points.

The two calderas, or filled-in lakes, are often said to be different colors due to the vegetation and algae in the water – one gray and one green – but they looked the same when we were there.

Visit the Miradouro do Boca de Inferno Viewpoint

Miradouro Boca do Inferno may mean ‘the mouth of hell,’ but the viewpoint is anything but – it’s one of the highlights of our trip top the Azores perfect for all types of travelers. It’s the most famous viewpoint on the island, looking down from the top of the mountain to the twin lakes below.

It’s a short five-minute hike up a few steps to the famous viewpoint, but if you want more of a challenging hike, there are longer trails around the lakes.

Hang Out at Mosteiros Beach / Black Sand

Momteiros is a small town on the western side of the Sao Miguel island and is definitely worth a visit. We were already in the area at the Termas da Ferraria natural spa and went up to Mosteiros on a whim – it would have been a huge mistake to skip it.

The gorgeous little black sand beach is easily one of the most beautiful Azores beaches.

Terra Nostra Furnas

The top 10 things to do in Ponta Delgada Azores will blow you away. Azores holidays feature volcanoes, black sand Azores beaches, and natural hot springs like you have never seen before. Every been in a bight orange hot spring? Me neither until our trip to the Azores Islands! #azores #avenlylane #avenlylanetravel #travelinspiration #beautifulplaces #hotsprings #portugal #protugaltravel #azoresislands #traveltips

Things to do in Porto, Portugal

Chapel of Souls Porto

Porto is known for decorating the outside of buildings with tiles. You see tons of it, everywhere. Some of the best tile mosaics are hand painted on the sides of churches.

One of the most amazing examples is on the side of the Chapel of Souls, also known as Capelas das Almas. The mosaic expertly portrays the drama of the life and death of saints.

Dom Luis Bridge


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