23 Most Beautiful Azores Beaches

Praia dos Mosteiros

When people think of European beach vacation hot spots, the Azores aren’t usually the first they think of. This often overlooked Portuguese archipelago of nine volcanic islands is a seaside destination that should be considered!

The Azores are often described as ‘the secret islands’ because they are not very well known. I didn’t know what to expect my first time in the Azores. I knew very little about the region, but was blown away by how beautiful The Azores islands were.

Over 850 miles (1400 km) away from Lisbon, The Azores are located off the coast of Portugal in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. I was shocked that my flight from The Azores to Boston (USA) was so short, being just over 5 hours.

One of the best parts of the Azores is definitely the beaches.

With nine different islands it can be easy to miss some of the best attractions that the Azores have to offer. By not doing enough research, I made this mistake on my first trip there. This post is here to help you find the most beautiful Azores beaches.

The Azores offer a wide variety of beaches from natural to man-made, busy to remote locations, and volcanic to golden sands.

The beaches showcase the incredible beauty and power of Mother Nature. Whatever you’re looking for in a beach, there will likely be one for you in the Azores.

23 Most Beautiful Azores Beaches

Praia de Santa Barbara, Sao Miguel Island

The dark sands of Praia do Areal de Santa Barbara make up one of the regions most biggest beaches. The sea offers warm waters and high waves; if you’re a fan of water sports know that this beach is one of the best for surfing and body boarding.

If you’re not a surfer, the beach has relatively low crowds making it easy to find a spot to relax in the sun.

A surfer’s paradise can be found at Praia de Santa Barbara with incredible waves and a vibrant surf scene. This beach is internationally known for world-class waves.

Avid surfers flock to Sao Miguel Island to experience the surf. Equipment can be rented from one of several rental shacks so everyone can get involved.

Santa Barbara Black Sand Beach
Santa Barbara black volcanic beach of Sao Miguel island of Azores, Portugal

Praia de Fogo, Sao Miguel Island

Also known as Ribeira Quente, Praia de Fogo is a super-sandy beach located 7km from Furnas village. Set in a bay that is beautiful, Praia de Fogo has gorgeous scenery with a mountain backdrop and phenomenal sea views.

The main attraction of Praia de Fogo is the temperature of the water. The water is heated by underground hydrothermal springs making it hot enough to swim in even when it is too cold at other beaches.

Ribeira Quente Beach Azores
Ribeira Quente Beach

Praia dos Mosteiros, Sao Miguel Island

This volcanic beach is famous in the Azores for its lava-dark sands, natural pools and rocky, volcanic formations off the coastline. Praia dos Mosteiros is one of the least touristy beaches in the Azores and is a calm place to unwind.

This Azores beach is also a popular place for sunset watching with the day disappearing behind the imposing volcanic rocks in the sea.

Read a full guide on visiting Praia dos Mosteiros (Mosteiros Beach).

Mosteiros Beach in the Azores
Mosteiros Beach, Sao Miguel Island

Praia do Almoxarife, Faial Island

Regarded as one of the best beaches in the Azores, Praia do Almoxarife is one of the few beaches on Faial Island that offers both lifeguards and facilities.

This beach is a great one for families who can be assured that there are services nearby and lifeguards keeping watch.

The beach is also a great viewpoint with three of the other Azores islands within sight off the shore, with Pico particularly being in a great viewing spot.

Almoxarife beach on Faial island Azores
View of Pico Island from Almoxarife beach on Faial island Azores
View of Pico Island from Almoxarife beach on Faial island Azores

Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Sao Miguel Island

Located off the shores of Sao Miguel Island, Islet of Vila Franca do Campo is a small paradise that is a great day trip for visitors to Azores.

The islet is a classified nature reserve with a stunning natural lake at the centre of the crater.

While the beach is small, the waters are crystal clear and calm, making it the perfect place for swimming. 

Check out all the top tours available to Vila Franca do Campo here.

Book your tour: Vila Franca do Campo: Swimming With Dolphins & Snorkel Tour

Book your tour: Vila Franca do Campo Islet Kayaking Experience

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Praia de Agua d’Alto, Sao Miguel Island

Praia de Agua d’Alto is one of the busiest beaches in the Azores during the summer months. The beach has great facilities, a boardwalk of delicious restaurants, and a wealth of activities including boating, fishing, and water sports.

This beach is a great one if you enjoy an active vacation!

Agua d'Alto beach near Vila Franca do Campo on San Miguel island
Agua d’Alto beach near Vila Franca do Campo on San Miguel island

Praia Formosa, Santa Maria Island

Praia Formosa is undoubtedly the best beach on Santa Maria Island.

While many of the Azores beaches are volcanic, the sands of Praia Formosa form a golden strip and it is one of the most beautiful beaches across the islands. This beach has a charming atmosphere and is relatively quiet, a great place to escape the crowds.

Praia Formosa Azores Santa Maria Island
Praia Formosa – rocky coastline beach with white sand on Santa Maria Island

Praia da Viola, Sao Miguel Island

Praia da Viola is a great beach for hikers to head to as it is only accessible by a hiking trail. The hike is rewarded by the arrival at a secluded beach in a volcanic rock bay with an imposing cliff backdrop. The beach is small but tranquil with the waters often calm enough to enjoy a swim. 

Praia Da Viola Beach Azores
Praia da Viola beach on Sao Miguel island Azores

Praia do Porto Pim, Faial Island

Praia do Porto Pim is the beach where the first residents of Faial Island settled. Located not far from the Old Town of Horta, the beach is the most popular on Faial Island but retains a charming European atmosphere. This small beach is set within a beautiful bay and has great scenery.

Praia do Canto da Areia, Pico Island

Praia do Canto de Areia is one of the few beaches on Pico Island and offers great scenery with Sao Jorge Island in view off the shore.

This beach is a great place to head if you want to take a boat out to sea, watch the fishermen at work, or enjoy some delicious seafood in a nearby restaurant. Pico has a great foodie scene with the seafood caught from this very beach. 

Praia da Riviera, Terceira Island

This beach is the cleanest and wildest in the Azores. Praia da Riviera offers the best swimming waters across the islands.

It was found that the waters lapping the shore of Praia de Riviera have virtually zero pollution! This beach is also surrounded by various bird colonies, making it a great place to watch the local wildlife. 

Faja da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, Sao Jorge Island

This beach is the one for nature lovers! Not only is Faja da Caldeira de Santo Cristo a classified nature reserve, it is also surrounded by a stunning landscape with the lush, lava mountains in the background. This beach is in a remote location with access only via boat or a hike, but is worthwhile journey for scenery admirers. 

Faja Grande, Flores Island

Flores is one of the two most remote islands of the Azores and home to some beautiful secluded beaches. Faja Grande is a favourite amongst Flores locals as well as hikers who enjoy navigating the volcanic rocks in search of the beautiful beach.

The waters off the coast of Faja Grande are some of the clearest in the Azores and the beach is great place to enjoy snorkelling or begin a scuba dive. 

Faja Grande Flores Island
Azores coastline landscape in Faja Grande Flores island.

Praia de Sao Mateus, Graciosa Island

As Praia de Sao Mateus is the only sandy beach on Graciosa Island, it is often referred to across Graciosa simply as ‘praia’. It is surrounded by a traditional and charming village. The beach has great water conditions and excellent facilities on the shore. The clear waters are also great for exploring. The underwater world is full of life for divers to discover. 

Praia do Barro Vermelho, Graciosa Island

Graciosa Island is home to the only red sand beach within the Azores. While the sand strip is incredibly small, it is unique. This beach is one of the main bathing areas on Graciosa Island made up of natural pools with concrete walkways to access to ocean. You will find great facilities to enjoy a day by the ocean including a picnic area and a local bar to grab a refreshing drink in the hot sun. Close by there is also a charming black and white striped lighthouse. 

Portinho da Areia, Corvo Island

The only sandy beach on the remote Corvo Island, Portinho da Areia is on the extreme west of the southern coast of the island. Like Flores and Graciosa, the waters surrounding Corvo are home to an abundance of sea life making Portinho da Areia a great place to head if you’re looking to snorkel. The area surrounding Corvo is also a classified Important Bird Area and bird lovers often witness various species in flight over the beach. 

Praia dos Biscoitos, Terceira Island

Praia dos Biscoitos is a beach with very minimal sand. Known as the best beach to swim on Terceira Island, the natural swimming pools sit between lava-formed rocks with the waves crashing against the rocks in the background. When the tides are low, it is still great to visit and explore the rock pools and see if you can find any sea life.

Sao Lourenco Bay, Santa Maria Island

Sao Lourenco Bay is one of the most iconic landscapes in Azores with the horseshoe bay that looks like a volcanic crater. The bay is classified as a nature reserve. It is home to the Azores native nyctalus azoreum bat and several protected marine birds. The beach is also lined with vineyards that grow within the basalt walls of the cliffs. 

Cais da Silveira , Terceira Island

This man-made beach on Terceira Island has a concrete dock with ample space for sunbeds. It also offers ladders for easy access into the sea. The turquoise waters of the the bay are clear and calm, making them perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is very popular with locals and great for travelers who want to mingle with the local crowds for a taste of traditional life.

Praia da Baixa d’Areia, Sao Miguel Island

Located in the picturesque fishing village of Caloura, Praia da Baixa d’Areia is home to deep natural pools surrounded by lush greenery. The beach is a beautiful location with outstanding landscapes. The beach is tucked between ravines making it a great location to avoid any crowds on the popular beaches. 

Praia das Milicias, Sao Miguel Island

Also known as Praia Grande, this beach is the largest and most popular on Sao Miguel Island. The beach is close to holiday resorts making it a favorite with tourists as it is easily accessible from local hotels. It is a great beach for families to visit due to great facilities, lifeguards on duty and shallow waters to splash in. 

Praia das Milicias, Sao Miguel Island
Praia das Milicias (Militias beach) near Ponta Delgada Sao Miguel island

Lombo Gordo, Sao Miguel Island

The wild beach of Lombo Gordo is rugged and handsome with calm tides between the breakwaters. Due to its remote location on the island and poor accessibility, it is very quiet and is a great beach to head to if you’re looking for a beach with few people.

Getting there is both an adventure and a challenge, but the views and the calming environment are worth it. It is best to visit in the morning or early afternoon as the beach falls into shadow later in the day.

Lombo Gordo beach on Sao Miguel Island
Lombo Gordo beach on Sao Miguel Island

Praia dos Moinhos, Sao Miguel Island

Once upon a time, this beach was the best kept secret on Sao Miguel Island and while it is now more popular following a renovation, it is still a fantastic place to enjoy a beach day.

The waves are wilder around this section of the island and swimming isn’t recommend due to strong under currents along the coast.

However, the beach is a fantastic location to sunbathe, offers great views, and there are some fabulous restaurants along the shore. 

Praia dos Moinhos Azores Beach
Moinhos beach, Porto Formoso, Sao Miguel island

Which is your favorite Azores beach?

Azores beaches
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