Guide to visiting Furnas Lake | Azores

Lake Furnas (Lagoa Das Furnas) fills a natural volcano crater and is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in the village of Furnas.

The area is made up of multiple geothermal springs, it’s a real feast for the senses with its boiling water, sweltering steam, and mud spouting out of the holes in the ground just about everywhere you look.

Furnas Lake (Lagoa Das Furnas)

Furnas Lake Azores
Furnas Lake

How to Get to Furnas Lake?

We stayed in Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel Island. Check out the exact hotel we stayed in here. The drive from Ponta Delgada to the Furnas village is about 43 minutes.

I highly recommend renting a car in the Azores. It gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. It also gives you the freedom to stop and take pictures along the way. The Azores are one of the most picturesque islands I have ever visited and being stuck in a tour bus is not my style.

The roads are easy to navigate. Just make sure you download your google maps first incase you run into spotty service.

Best Viewpoints for Seeing Furnas Lake

Lagoa das Furnas
Lagoa das Furnas

Miradouro do Salto do Cavalo

Want to see the best views of Furnas? You have to check out the Miradouro do Salto do Cavalo viewpoint. It allows you to see both the north and south side of the island as well as an amazing view of Furnas Lake.

Parking is right next to the viewpoint so there’s no need to walk far. It is also not as busy as some of the other viewpoints on the island of Sao Miguel.

Tip – Beware of the weather. The fog can roll in at any moment so try and catch it on a clear day. 

Pico do Ferro Viewpoint

It is an easy and scenic drive up to this viewpoint. The views of the Furnas village and Furnas Lake are incredible from the top! If you can catch it on a clear day (the Azores weather can be very unpredictable and extremely hazy, cloudy)

What to see around Furnas Lake

There’s so much to do around Furnas Lake. I recommend making your trip to Furnas a full day trip. When we went we underestimated Furnas, not realizing how much was there was to see in the area and ended up having to drive up here twice. Below are just a few of our favorite things to do in the area.

Garden of Lagoa das Furnas

Walk around the lake and enjoy the beautiful views of the gardens.

Caldeira Das Furnas

Caldeira Das Furnas, Azores
Furnas Lake and hot springs
Furnas Lake and hot springs

Visiting the Caldeira Das Furnas was one of my favorite stops around Lake Furnas. We actually arrived here just before dark and I was devastated because I saw no one was there and figured it was closed. Even though no one was around we were still able to walk right in (no gate or anything) and we had the entire place to ourselves. It was pretty amazing.

Cozido das Furnas: Making Volcano-Cooked Cozido in the Azores

Cozido das Furnas in the Azores

Where to Stay in Furnas

  • Casa da Igreja Velha – This location is perfect as well! Just a 3 minute drive to Lake Furnas and a 3 minute walk from Terra Nostra Park.
  • Furnas Boutique Hotel – Thermal & Spa
  • Furnas Lake Forest Living – Located just outside Furnas and right by Furnas Lake. Lots of hiking trails nearby.
  • Terra Nostra Gardens Hotel – Considering that the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is one of the highest rated in all of the Azores, (don’t believe me, check it’s rating on Considering it rates well into the 9’s out of 10, you would expect it to be extremely expensive, but surprisingly it isn’t. It typically ranges between $100 and $200 per night, but does sell out so book quickly. We would have loved to have stayed there, but it was sold out when we were there.

Here are some more hotels you guys can check out in Furnas.

Other places to not miss in the Furnas Lake area: