Parque Terra Nostra (Furnas, Azores) All you Need to Know

Botanical gardens, geothermal heated pools, and an award winning hotel are just part of why you must check out Terra Nostra Park as part of any Azores itinerary. Unsure of why you should head to the Azores in general, start here.

Visiting Parque Terra Nostra in the Furnas, Azores

Parque Terra Nostra
Parque Terra Nostra – Orange hot spring

Terra Nostra Furnas

This incredible park is located in the small town of Furnas on Sao Miguel island. Furnas itself has a lot more to do and see besides the park, though the park is one of the crown jewels of Furnas. Read more about the village of Furnas here. Terra Nostra Furnas is a must for your vacation.

What to see in Terra Nostra Garden

We typically aren’t botanical garden people, but we heard so much about this park that we couldn’t resist. The Terra Nostra Garden grounds feature incredibly unique plant life that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

You will see exotic plants with gigantic leaves, vivid color flowers, and streams arranged to meander in intoxicating directions. With over 300 different types of ferns the Terra Nostra Garden park is perfect for a romantic walk. Even my husband, who is impossible to please, didn’t get bored wandering through.

Terra Nostra Park Pools/Hot Tubs

Terra Nostra Park in the AZORES ISLANDS, Portugal! You must visit the picturesque village of Furnas on any trip to the Azores. Located on the Portuguese island of Sao Miguel Azores, this town is a natural hotspot of geothermal activity. It somehow feels completely different from the rest of the island. #AVENLYLANETRAVEL #AVENLYLANE #portugal #azoresislands #azores #azoresportugal #travelinspiration

My favorite part of the park is the geothermal hot pools. There are multiple pools on the grounds, but the most famous one is the humongous rust orange mineral enriched pool. Geothermal activity helps heat the pool to about 95º-104º F (35º-40º C).

The warm water is the perfect escape when the weather cools off, which surprisingly to some happens in the Azores more often than you would think. Read more about the Azores weather here.

If you don’t want to wear your swimsuit around all day do not worry as there are lockers, towels, and changing rooms on the grounds. If you wear a light colored swimsuit the mineral enriched water could stain it orange if you don’t rinse it out quickly after, though we didn’t have an issue with it others warned us.

Stay at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

Considering that the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is one of the highest rated in all of the Azores, (don’t believe me, check it’s rating on Considering it rates well into the 9’s out of 10, you would expect it to be extremely expensive, but surprisingly it isn’t. It typically ranges between $100 and $200 per night, but does sell out so book quickly. We would have loved to have stayed there, but it was sold out when we were there.

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

The Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is not only an award winning hotel for luxury, but also known as one of the best “green retreats” in all of the Azores. The Terra Nostra Garden Hotel Spa on the grounds is one of the best places to relax after a day of hiking adventures. 

A stay at the hotel places you in the heart of Furnas, so you are close to many other attractions. It also gives you free admission to Terra Nostra Park, so feel free to explore and soak in the geothermal pools as often as you like.

We absolutely loved our stop at Terra Nostra. It was a truly unique experience that I can’t compare to anywher else.

Terra Nostra Park Cost and Hours

Unlike the nearby Beija Hot Springs, this park is not open late. It opens at 10:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm. Even though the hours are more limited, you still have plenty of time to stroll through the gardens and soak in the pools.

The park costs €8 per person to get in (about $9 USD). Given that you can spend the better part of a day in the park, we found it to be good value.


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