Fire Wave Trail at the Valley of Fire in Las Vegas

Is the Fire Wave Trail the best trail at the Valley of Fire Las Vegas?

In my opinion yes! It is an absolutely stunning trail!

Some of the best Vegas attractions aren’t casino properties on The Strip. After a quick drive from The Strip you can get to some amazing geographic features like the Fire Wave trail. Yes, the swirls in the rocks really do look like swirls of ice cream! Most people think that to get to natural wonders like this you need to pay for an expensive permit and hike and camp for 3 days. Not here!

The Valley of Fire State Park is almost exactly a 1 hour drive north of Las Vegas. All you have to do is drive up the main interstate and follow signs telling you when to exit. It costs $10 per car to enter the park, but no permit is required. The actual hike to the fire wave is only 3/4 of a mile, so 1.5 miles round trip.

The swirling waves of rock aren’t contained to one small area. They undulate back and forth for a few hundred yards. You aren’t prohibited from climbing on and over them either. The park rarely gets crowded. Even though hike doesn’t have a lot of shade, there are unique rock formations to view on the way.

Fire Wave Trail Video – Entire trail!

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