Cala des Borgit (Amazing lesser known beach in Mallorca)

Calo des Borgit
Calo des Borgit

Awesome for Being A Lesser Known Beach: Cala (or Calo) Des Borgit 

Mallorca is famous for its miniature cove beaches. Rocky cliffs protect most of these beaches from powerful waves and help create swimming spots of perfectly see-through turquoise water.

While there aren’t miles and miles of beaches, there are a lot of unique cove beaches to choose from.

Most beaches on the island are gorgeous, so you need to find other factors to help distinguish between the options.

Generally, I am willing to take some extra travel time and sacrifice some of the facilities if it will help alleviate crowds. If you’ve been to Mallroca in the summer then you know that the entire island can be crowded.

Cala Des Borgit is a perfect balance. It is a little bit out of the way and a little bit harder to access while still providing an AWESOME beach experience. This balance helps alleviate the crowds but still allow maximum enjoyment.

Quick Facts

  • Other Names: Calo des Borgit, Platja des Borgit, Cala des Burgit
  • Known For: Being a 10 minute walk from the more famous Cala Mondrago
  • Facilities: None (trash cans only)
  • Lifeguards: No
  • Parking: Shared lot with Cala Mondrago for 5euros (some free street parking)
  • Cost: Free
  • Other: 10 minute hike required

What to Expect Once There 

This awesome beach is relatively unheralded compared to its two closest neighbor beaches that it shares a parking lot with (Cala Mondrago and Cala S’amador).

Calo des Borgit
Calo des Borgit

Location of Calo des Borgit

Cala des Borgit is about 10 minutes from the Cala d’or resort area. You will want a car to be able to access this beach since it isn’t really close to any hotels.

If you are coming from Palma or the main airport it is about a 50 minute drive to get to this eastern part of the island of Mallorca.

Calo Des Borgit is a 10 minute walk from Cala Mondrago, within the Parc de Cala Mondrago. The paths each begin at the parking lot but go in opposite directions.

Cala S’Amador also breaks off from the Cala Mondrago path.


There is a lot that is about 10 minutes away. It costs 2 euros to park, but if you don’t want to pay or if the lot is full then there is some street parking just ahead of the lot.

We parked along the street and walked the extra minute or two. I’ve also heard that the parking price is increased to 5 euros at peak times.

Accessing The Beach

From the parking lot you will see that you can follow the thin residential streets down to one of two beaches. The paths split and you can follow the path to Cala Mondrago or Cala des Borgit. The paths are clearly marked.

The walk to each is about the same time, but more people go to Cala Mondrago because it is bigger and has more facilities.

Most of the walk will be on paved roads, but the final portion will be a well worn path down through a forest. There were a couple steep steps but it was still easy to do in flip-flops.


With less people heading to Cala des Borgit the vibe is a little more relaxed and easy going. Also, there weren’t as many kids at this beach.

Both beaches are protected from large waves, but I did like that Cala des Borgit has more spots with trees providing shade. At times it is nice to be able to get out of the intense Spanish sun.

While the beach isn’t huge, there is still plenty of space to spread out and perfect water to enjoy.


This is one area where this beach is lacking. Aside from trash cans there are no other facilities at this beach.

Remember, if needed you can walk and have all the facilities at Cala Mondrago which is only 10 minutes away.


If you are willing to sacrifice the facilities and drive a bit, then this is a great beach with less crowds (relatively remember Mallorca is still slammed with visitors).

It was only a 10 minute drive from our hotel area, which made it easy enough to access and enjoy.


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