Cala Ferrera Mallorca: All-Around Awesome Beach

Cala Ferrera Mallorca
Cala Ferrera Mallorca

Cala Ferrera: An All-Around Awesome Beach

The Cala D’or resort area has 5 different cove beaches that justifiably attract thousands of visitors every single year. Amongst these 5 gorgeous beaches Cala Ferrera, was my husbands favorite of the bunch.

Cala Ferrera is his favorite because it offers everything! A lot of the beaches are gorgeous but they don’t have facilities that will let you spend an entire day there. Aside from showers, restrooms, and lifeguards, this beach also has a place to play sand volleyball as well as relatively high cliffs for the adventurous to jump off of.

You can swim or snorkel in the perfect water, stretch out on the sand, or even stay in the hotel named Cala Ferrera that overlooks this beach. Regardless of what you do here, I’m sure it’ll be a great experience.

Quick Facts

  • Other Names: Playa de Cala Ferrera, Platja de Cala Ferrera, Cala D’or Beach
  • Known For: Hotel with same name overlooking beach
  • Facilities: showers, restrooms, sand volleyball
  • Lifeguards: yes
  • Parking: plenty of city parking and a mini lot directly in front of the beach
  • Cost: Free
  • Crowds: yes, but a deeper stretch of sand than most


Cala Ferrera is in the Cala D’or resort area in the Santanyi region of the island of Mallorca. It sits on the southeastern coast of the island.

If you drive here from Palma it takes about an hour. There are a lot of great and relatively affordable hotels in the area.

Another benefit of this being in the city area is that there are a lot of great restaurants, bars, and shops in the area if you are looking to take a quick break from the sand.


Even though this beach sits in the middle of a city there is plenty of street parking. While the actual beach has a mini lot, it is likely to fill up really early. Even with this lot full there is plenty of nearby street parking available.

I went to this beach on a busy weekend and had no problem finding street parking that was less than a two minute walk to the beach.

Cala Ferrera parking
Cala Ferrera parking

At The Beach

This beach seems to offer just about everything.

Cala Ferrera beach
Cala Ferrera beach

Showers, Lifeguards, and Bathrooms

A lot of the Mallorca cove beaches don’t have these basic facilities. Thankfully each of those is present at Cala Ferrera.

Cala Ferrera beach
Showers at Cala Ferrera

Cliff Jumping

If you have an adventurous streak, then this could be the beach for you. The sides of the cliffs lining the beach are pretty steep and allow daredevils to jump off and into the water. Of course before you do this you should personally verify that the water is deep enough for you to safely jump.

Clear Blue Water/Mild To No Waves

The sides of the cliff walls protect the beach from wind and waves. This helps give the waters the clear blue look that the beaches of Mallorca are famous for. You will definitely get to experience this at Cala Ferrera most days.

If you want to snorkel you will likely find a variety of marine animal life in the calm waters.

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More Sand – Even Allowing Beach Volleyball

One thing that was especially unique about Cala

Ferrera is that there is more sand than a lot of the other cove beaches. While visitors

will still likely have to compete for space directly on the shore, it goes back

far enough that everyone should be able to find space to stretch out.

There is enough sand on this beach that there is even space for a sand volleyball court. While I didn’t see anyone playing, it would have been a great option if I would have brought a volleyball.

Cala Ferrera beach volleyball
Beach Volleyball


Of all the gorgeous cove beaches in the Cala D’or resort area Cala Ferrera is my favorite. It is my favorite because it offers all of the facilities, is easy to access, adventure sports, as well as access to the perks of the city.


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