Trenc Badestrand (Amazing traditional beach in Mallorca)

Trenc Badestrand Mallorca
Trenc Badestrand

Trenc Badestrand Beach in Mallorca Spain!

Want the joys of Es Trenc beach without quite as many crowds? This beach is actually attached, it just involves a further walk down once you get onto the famous Es Trenc beach.

At Trenc Badestrand the sand isn’t quite as wide, but you will likely find even more room to lay out, and the water is ideal to swim in.

Quick Facts

  • Other Names: Es Trenc, Parc Natural Es Trenc
  • Known For: being attached to Es Trenc, amazing family beach
  • Facilities: No showers, but concession stands and porta potties at Es Trenc
  • Lifeguards: Yes
  • Parking: big lot, that only fills up at the absolute busiest times
  • Cost: 7 euros to park

What to Expect at Trenc Badestrand

A gorgeous beach, unlike most others on the island of Mallorca. The experience is much more traditional, meaning that it provides a long stretch of sand. To get here, just go to Es Trenc and then walk down to the left.

Trenc Badestrand
Trenc Badestrand


South east part of Mallorca. It is about an hour drive from Palma, but definitely worth it to make the effort. You will need to drive down some scary thin and windy roads.


There is a big lot that you pay 7 euros to park in. At the busiest times it fills up and they will close off the road saying the lot is full. 

We went on a Saturday afternoon in July and they had the sign up, but there were still a few rows of open spots in the lot. We think they do this to save the spaces for locals.

What Else To Do In The Area

You can head to an awesome Cala, Cala Pi which isn’t too far of a drive. You can obviously also enjoy Es Trenc Beach.


If you want the traditional beach experience on Mallorca, Trenc Badestrand is a great choice to avoid the worst of the crowds. The water is at a perfect temperature, so I could hang out in it all day.


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