Dragon’s Teeth Maui: What NO ONE Else Explained

Dragons teeth Maui
Coastline and rugged lava rocks called Dragons Teeth at Makaluapuna Point

Dragon’s Teeth Maui – What you need to know before going

Somehow the combination of flowing lava, crashing waves, and a strong wind created an incredibly unique geographic feature that looks exactly like gigantic dragon teeth.

These “teeth” are framed by a gorgeous Maui cliff line and crashing waves. As soon as I saw pictures, I knew that I wanted to hike out to see them in person.

The problem is that there is a lot of conflicting information that ultimately makes them harder to find; some information says that you aren’t even allowed to go there (you are). Thankfully, I figured it all out and summed it up for you here.

Dragons teeth Maui
Coastline and rugged lava rocks called Dragons Teeth at Makaluapuna Point

Dragons Teeth Maui Quick Facts:

  • Distance: .6 miles out and back – hardly a hike, but you can do this as part of the Kapalua Coastal Trail
  • Elevation Gain: Almost none
  • Difficulty: Super Easy
  • Famous For: rock formations that look like gigantic dragon teeth and gorgeous coastal cliff views

What I Wish I Would Have Known Ahead of Time

First off, knowing some basic terms in the area will help immensely.

Kapalua Resort Area/Neighborhood

Kapalua is a resort area in north Maui. Within the Kapalua area there is a resort named the Kapalua Resort that features a fancy golf course that hugs the cliff line.

The dragon’s teeth are in the Kapalua resort area.

Kapalua Coastal Trail

The Kapalua Coastal Trail is a 2.5 mile trail that largely follows the north Maui coast line. The Dragons Teeth Trail is basically a smaller part of the larger Kapalua Coastal Trail.

Kapalua Labyrinth

This prayer labyrinth is located immediately next to the dragon teeth.

Kapalua Labyrinth
Kapalua Labyrinth

Makaluapuna Point

The promontory at the north end of Maui that is home to the Kapalua Labyrinth and the Dragon’s Teeth. It is also part of the Kapalua Coastal Trail. From here you can see back to Fleming Beach as well as Ironwoods Beach.

Visitors are Welcome

You might read or feel like you aren’t supposed to go to the Dragon Teeth.

At places I’d seen visitors aren’t welcome here but was confusing because this is an area in the middle of a resort. When I got there, saw signs direction public visitors.

The trail goes by a burial ground, which is what you should not access. Be respectful of the ancient Hawaiians laid to rest.

AllTrails says that this is private property and visitors aren’t welcome.

The open parking lots and signs providing directions to visitors indicate otherwise.

This is NOT the Dragon’s Tooth Trail

You are going to visit the Dragon’s Teeth Trail. The Dragon’s Tooth Trail is in Virginia.

The Trail Goes Immediately Next to A Golf Course

Once again you may feel like you aren’t welcome as the trail goes immediately next to a golf course. I worried that I was in the wrong spot and inappropriately interrupting someone’s golf game.

You are welcome to walk back and forth along the trail, just don’t go outside of the markers and into the golf course or Hawaiian burial ground.

Waves at Ironwoods beach in Maui.
Waves at Ironwoods beach in Maui.

Dragon’s Tooth Hike Parking

To find the parking lots you need to drive into the Kapalua Resort. You may feel like you aren’t welcome there, but there are public parking spots set aside for the trail.

Each resort in Hawaii must set aside a certain number of spots for non-guests to have beach access. This is because there are officially no private beaches in all of Hawaii.

There are two small lots that offered enough parking that didn’t require me to wait either time I went.

If all the spots are full I recommend waiting a couple minutes since people are likely to return shortly due to it being such a short trail.

How to get to Dragon’s Teeth in Maui

The best way to get here is to rent a car. If you don’t have a car rental you can rent a moped for the day, or take an Uber/Lyft. Uber/Lyft will be your most expensive option depending on where you are staying.

If you decide to explore the island by moped you can rent one here for up to two weeks at a time!

What To Expect once there

Not only can you expect to discover the super unique dragon teeth geographic feature, but you will also have stunning views off of the Maui cliffs.

Dragon's Teeth on the west coast of Maui, Hawaii
Dragon’s Teeth on the west coast of Maui, Hawaii

Kapalua Labyrinth

The teeth are located immediately next to the Kapalua Labyrinth.

Whale Watching

This promontory is a great spot to see whales out in the ocean. While I didn’t see any while there, it’s often described as a perfect location to spot them.

Head here for more of my favorite whale watching tours on Maui.

Whale watching at Dragon's Teeth in Maui
Whale watching at Dragon’s Teeth in Maui

What to Pack for Maui

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