Little Beach Maui Hawaii
Little Beach in Makena State Park, south Maui, Hawaii.

Little Beach Maui – Nude beach!

Little Beach, also known as Pu’u Ola’i Beach is a clothing optional beach in Maui.

This beach is not for everyone, but if you like to swim naked and lay on warm sands in the Maui sun, this is an amazing spot to do it on the Hawaiian islands.

Some folks are nude and some are not, but everyone has a fine time. The beach form my experience is very gay friendly which we loved.

If you are looking for a nude beach in Maui you are in luck! Little beach is it! You probably won’t find a more beautiful nude beach on all the Hawaiian islands.

Tip – When in Hawaii I highly recommend renting a car to get the most out of your experience. It would be difficult to see all the beautiful places in Hawaii without a car. Reserve a car here.

Little Beach Quick Tips:

  • Water color: Turquoise Blue
  • Sand quality: Amazing fine golden sand
  • Known for: Being a nude beach in Maui
  • Swimming conditions: Great
  • Other names: Pu’u Ola’i Beach
  • Facilities: 
  • Lifeguard: none
  • Cost: Free
  • Parking: Large paid lot or free street parking. You access Little beach through Big Beach.
  • Available tours: There are actually a ton of tours in the Makena area. Including snorkeling tours and  kayak tours and more. Head here for more of my favorite tours.

Nudity is illegal in Hawaii

It can be really easy to arrive at Little beach having no idea it is a nude beach. I did research before hand but did not find anything on it being a nude beach until people started taking their clothes off.

Hawaii doesn’t have legal nude beaches.

The reason it is not publicized more openly as a nude beach is because public nudity is illegal in Hawaii.

Even though public nudity is illegal, it has been generally accepted that this is a nude beach, and the law is not enforced here.

You may see signs stating “no nudity” which can only confuse you more, but no one enforces it.

Consider this the “heads up” I didn’t have. :)

I was reading reviews after going and there were so many stories of people, like me, who had no idea it was nude beach.

One women arrived early with her family (two daughters), no one else was there yet. Her and her husband went out swimming, and when they came back the beach was covered in naked men.

If you want to enjoy a similar aesthetic without the nudity head to Big beach right next door.

Where is Little Beach located?

Little beach is located on the south side of Maui, just past Wailea in Makena State Park. It is immediately next to Big Beach. You access Little beach through Big Beach.

How to get to Little Beach

The best way to get here is to rent a car. If you don’t have a car rental you can rent a moped for the day, or take an Uber/Lyft. Uber/Lyft will be your most expensive option depending on where you are staying.

If you decide to explore the island by moped you can rent one here for up to two weeks at a time!

Little Beach parking and beach access

Makena State Park charges about $10.00 per vehicle to park. There is also a $5.00 entrance fee per person. Children three and under are free.

Accessing Little Beach

Once parked, you will take a small hike from Big Beach to Little Beach.

If you are facing Makena Beach (Big Beach) you will walk to your right. You will see a spot

Little Beach Maui hike
Little Beach Maui “hike” access from Big Beach.

What to expect at Little Beach

The vibe

About the half the folks were gay men and the other half were heterosexual couples, families, or singles of both genders.

Snorkeling at Little Beach

If you have ever wanted to snorkel naked, this is your chance. Little beach actually has great snorkeling and beautiful coral reefs just off shore.

The reef at Makena State Park, Maui, Hawaii
The reef at Makena State Park, Maui, Hawaii

Swimming Conditions

Much like Big beach, Little Beaches waves can get intense. Make sure to check the Little beach surf report before going.

Little Beach Maui Sunrise
Little beach on the island of Maui, hawaii at sunrise with turquoise sea and a view of the west maui mountains before all the nudists arrive


There is a big difference between the Makena Beaches also known as Big Beach and Little Beach.

Put simply, little beach is a nude beach. I was shocked walking in because I had no idea before hand that everyone would be naked. It was interesting, but definitely not my jam.

Big Beach (Makena Beach) is not a nude beach. It is more of a family beach with great waves, and beautiful sand and water.

Big Beach and Little Beach are two of Maui’s most popular bodysurfing and bodyboarding beaches. 

Little beach and big beach in Maui, Hawaii
Little beach and big beach in Maui, Hawaii

Conclusion: Is Little Beach worth visiting?

Depends. It’s a really beautiful beach where you can go to escape the crowds, but depending on how comfortable you are with nudity you may or may not like this beach.

Things to do near Little Beach Maui

  1. Big Beach – (2 minute walk away)
  2. Makena Cove – (5 minute drive away)
  3. Oneuli beach – Black sand beach!

Where to stay in Maui

Before booking a hotel on Maui there are a few things you need to know.

  1. The hotels in Maui are ALL very expensive. You will have a difficult time finding a hotel for under $200 a night.
  2. You have to book in advance. Like, far in advance. The hotels and rental cars book up super fast so make sure to plan ahead.

Best Option* Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa – We love this hotel! The location is perfect and only a 2 minute walk to the beach. There are 2 amazing pools at the property and so many amenities. The only downside is it is super expensive.

Best budget option* (if there is such a thing in Maui) – Hakuna Matata Maui Hostel

Four Seasons Resort in Wailea – This is one of the more expensive resorts on Maui, but it’s also one of the most fantastic. If you can swing it financially, highly recommend giving this place a shot. The hotel overlooks Wailea Beach and has 3 swimming pools and 3 restaurants on-site. If you are looking for the ultimate service, food, and pampering, then you should stay here. Check current pricing here.

Hotel Wailea – This hotel is fairly small, with under a hundred guest rooms. This, and the fact that it is far away from the road and any other noise pollution, makes it the perfect place to stay in peace and quiet.

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa – Another amazing hotel and resort you are guaranteed to love.

What to Pack for Maui

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