Leleiwi Overlook in Haleakala National Park (Maui must see!)

Leleiwi Overlook trail Maui
Leleiwi Overlook Maui

Leleiwi Overlook Trail – Everything you need it know

The Sliding Sands Trail isn’t the only Haleakala Crater hike worth checking out when you are at the Haleakala National Park in Maui.

The Leieiwi Overlook Trail is a quick detour with a huge payoff.

It gives you a chance to look down into the dormant volcano crater and beyond to the clouds below and oceans beyond.

While you can barely call .3 miles a hike, you won’t be disappointed with the views and can spend extra time hiking around the overlook to see the crater from different angles.

Leleiwi Overlook Trail Details

  • Distance – .3 miles out and back
  • Duration – 10 minutes
  • Difficulty – Easy, though there are some awkward rocky steps and it begins at 8,800 ft of elevation.
  • Cost: $30 per vehicle (park admission)
  • Open from – Not 3:00 am to 7:00 am without a permit
  • Known For – awesome views of the inside of the Haleakla Crater and beyond to the north shore of Maui
Haleakala National Park Entry
Haleakala National Park Entry

The Leleiwi Lookout on Haleakala Mountain – What to Expect

This short hike leads to the Leleiwi Lookout. Every step of this brief trail provides awesome views down the side of the mountain.

You will likely be staring down at the clouds. Once at the viewpoint you will be looking down into Haleaka Crater.

The inside of the crater shows the eerie red cinder cones.

Leleiwi Outlook sign
The Leleiwi Outlook sign near the summit of the Hakeakala Crater

WTF is a cinder cone?

I previously had no idea what a cinder cone was, but I’ve since learned it’s what forms due to the settlement of volcanic lava and ash.

Kaupo and Koolau Gaps

The gaps at the edge of the mountaintop craters facing down the mountain are name the Kaupo and Koolau Gaps.

These openings provide views of the clouds or down to the north shore of the island.

Leleiwi Translates to Bone Altar

The name Leleiwi translates to “Bone Altar.” I couldn’t find any reason for the somewhat ominous sounding name.

Where is the Leleiwi Overlook Trail located?

Leleiwi Overlook trail is located most of the way up the mountain in Haleakala National Park.

It is directly off of Highway 378 about ¾ of the way that takes you to the top.

Parking & Facilities

As you go up the parking lot is immediately off to the right side of the road, but the trail starts on the left side of the road.

We didn’t have any trouble finding a parking spot as the lot was basically empty.

There are bathrooms located in the parking lot.

Haleakala National Park Hikes

There are a few Haleakala National Park hikes worth checking out.

The Sliding Sands Trail is the most popular and longest, but for a quick detour you won’t be disappointed with the Leleiwi Overlook Trail.

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