Laie Point Cliff Jumping Spot on Oahu’s North Shore

Laie Point Cliff Jump on Oahu
Laie Point Cliff Jump

Laie Point Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping at Laie Point is a must see for thrill seekers in Hawaii.

There are a lot of places where you can go cliff jumping in Hawaii, but my favorite is the Laie Point cliff jump.

The cliff is approximately 35-40 feet high. That might not sound that high, but in person it is plenty to give your stomach butterflies!

This famous Oahu cliff jumping spot might even look familiar as it is featured in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Even if you don’t want to jump, you can still enjoy the views and watch the adrenaline junkies at one of the best Oahu cliff jumping spots. Check out a video of this exact spot on YouTube.

Laie Point Cliff Jump on Oahu
Laie Point Cliff Jump

Cliff Jumping in Hawaii Disclaimer

Once again, it isn’t safe to go cliff jumping in Hawaii! Just because you’ve seen other people do it doesn’t mean that conditions will be safe when you are there. I watched others do the Laie cliff jump before I did it myself, and even then I knew I was taking a huge risk. Proceed at your own risk!

If you are the type that still wants to partake in the cliff jumping Oahu offers then read on to see how to best minimize the risk.

Laie Cliff Jump Location

The Laie cliff jump is located at Laie Point on the North Shore of Oahu. Laie Point is about a one hour drive from Honolulu. 

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of renting a car on Oahu? I recommend renting out a Hawaiian Style Moped for the Day! (Much easier to find parking.)

The North Shore is famous for its enormous and world class waves in the winter. That means that in the winter you are probably better suited to watching the surfers than trying to jump in this area.

Cliff jumping at Laie Point is also close to the Polynesian Cultural Center. The PCC is one of the most popular activities on all of Oahu where you can experience a real luau. Read more here.

It is also fairly close to some amazing snorkeling along the North Shore at Sharks Cove. Read more about Sharks Cove and why you should plan to visit there while on the North Shore as well.

In the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall they imply this cliff is right next to the Turtle Bay Resort. While it is close, it is still a quick drive away. Watch the clip below!

Finding the Cliff Jumping at Laie Point

Once you get to Laie Point you can look out at the amazing view of Mokualai Island, a State Wildlife Refuge. If you want to jump, when facing straight off the end of the road and into the ocean, you veer off to the right. You only need to walk about 30 feet to see the cliff that is best for jumping.

You will see that there is a table rock that the waves crash on and off of (shown in the included video). Make sure you jump to the left of this table, but ultimately use that table to climb out of the water.

Following that table into the cliff you can see a crevice that is perfect to climb back up the cliff from. The lava rock is super sharp though, so you may want to wear shoes to keep you from getting cut up.

Laie Point Cliff Jump in Oahu Hawaii
View from Laie Point Cliff Jump in Oahu Hawaii – Mokualai Island, a State Wildlife Refuge.

Best Cliff Jumping on Oahu


There isn’t a set parking lot, but you are allowed to park along the sides of the road. The last time I was there it wasn’t hard to find parking, even though there were a number of other people there.

Even if there are a lot of people the road is long enough that there should be plenty of parking spaces.

Laie Point Oahu parking
Laie Point parking on the sides of the road.

Safety Advice for Oahu Cliff Jumping

Once again, don’t jump without being 100% sure that conditions are safe. You can’t trust that it will be safe when you go there, even though it was for me.

  • Don’t jump if the water isn’t calm. I’ve been there and seen waves that were really intense. Even if you safely make it into the water, the waves could end up smashing you into the rocks if you aren’t careful.
  • Make sure you aren’t jumping into the area where the rock table is! When I was there the waves would crash over it, but the water would soon run off showing the table again. I worry that if the tides are different the table might stay submerged. Before you jump, you should climb down the cliff to test the waters depth yourself.
  • Avoid this area in the winter when the waves of the North Shore are the most intense.
  • Watch someone else jump first to make sure they safely get in and out of the water.
Laie Point sign Oahu
Laie Point safety warnings

Laie Point: My Favorite Cliff Jumping Oahu Offers

I loved cliff jumping at Laie Point. The height was high enough to make me nervous, but not so high that it hurt to enter the water. Even though it was risky I couldn’t resist the rush!

What to pack for Oahu

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