Waimea Bay Cliff Jumping on Oahu

The rock on Waimea Bay Beach on Oahu
The rock on Waimea Bay Beach

Mountain volcanos jutting out of the Pacific Ocean help make Hawaii an awesome tropical paradise. They also help create some amazing Oahu cliff jumping opportunities. 

There are lots of spots where you can go cliff jumping in Hawaii. Some of them are small while others are scary and intense.

One of the best places that provides a thrill but isn’t sketchy like some of the others is Waimea Bay Cliff Jumping.

Waimea Bay Cliff Jumping

Everything you need to know before going.

Waimea Bay Cliff Jump Oahu
Waimea Bay Cliff Jump on the North Shore of Oahu

FAQ for the Waimea Bay rock jump

Waimea Bay Rock Height

At it’s highest point it is about 30 feet high from its tallest point.

Waimea Bay Cliff Jump Height

The Waimea cliff jump height is about 30 feet. While this isn’t as high as some of the others, it was enough to make my stomach a little bit queasy. There are lower points on the rock where you can jump as well.

How much does it cost?


Safety Precautions When Cliff Jumping In Hawaii

There are a few safety precautions that you HAVE TO take when cliff jumping in Hawaii. First off, you must make sure the water is deep enough where you are going to enter it. I don’t think I have to explain what terrible things could happen if you land on rocks.

Not only do you need to make sure that the water is deep enough, but you need to make sure the water is calm enough to allow you to ultimately get out of it.

Some of the Oahu cliff jumping spots have huge waves that crash so hard that you could get tossed into the rocks over and over again.

Obviously I’m not an expert on safety. Just because it was safe to jump when I did doesn’t mean you should. If there are signs saying not to or conditions look sketchy, don’t jump.

Waimea Bay Cliff Jumping warning sign
Waimea Bay Cliff Jumping warning sign

Waimea Bay Rock Jump – What to Expect

The cliff jump is off the side of a gigantic rock that is sitting in the middle of the Waimea Bay Beach. Seriously, it looks a bizarre look to see a massive rock plopped in the middle of the beach. It is a ton of fun to climb to the top and dive into the water.

What I love about the Waimea Bay rock jump is that it is one of the cliff jumping spots where I felt the safest. This doesn’t mean that the jump is the lowest.

The combination of many others jumping, the visible landing and water depth, and a bay that generally keeps the intense waves out helped make me feel comfortable.

I’ve been there three different times and the first two times there were tons of people jumping. The third time no one was jumping because the waves were too intense and people worried they wouldn’t be able to safely get out of the water.

The rock on Waimea Bay Beach on Oahu
The rock on Waimea Bay Beach

Waimea Bay Cliff Jump Height

The Waimea cliff jump height is about 30 feet. While this isn’t as high as some of the others, it was enough to make my stomach a little bit queasy.

Waimea Rock Jump Location

The Waimea rock jump is located in the middle of the Waimea Beach Park on the North Shore of Oahu. Without any traffic it is about a 30 minute drive from Waikiki.

That being said, you should plan extra time for your drive since you are very likely to encounter traffic.

Waimea Bay Parking

Full disclosure, parking at the Waimea Beach Park sucks! There are more people that want to go there than there are parking spots for.

You can park along the road before you get there (when coming from Honolulu) so start looking as soon as you get close.

Waimea Bay cliff jumping parking
Waimea Bay cliff jumping parking

Waimea Bay Beach Park Facilities

There are restrooms, a picnic area, and even a sand volleyball court for you to enjoy.

Waimea Bay Beach Park sand volleyball
Waimea Bay Beach Park sand volleyball

Waimea Bay Snorkeling

Waimea Bay has some pretty good snorkeling on a calm day. Pretty good visibility on a clear day.

The best place to snorkeling is around the rocks. You can also find some caves to swim through.

You can see fish and even some turtles if you are lucky. Dolphins are sometimes there but further out.

Waimea Bay Beach Park vs Waimea Valley

It is worth noting that Waimea Bay Beach Park is different from Waimea Valley. They are right across the street from each other, but Waimea Valley is a botanical garden, hike, and waterfall swim spot.

Previously you could jump off of a small cliff at Waimea Valley, but they no longer allow it. The Waimea Bay rock is now the only place in the area that you are allowed to jump from.

Waimea Bay State Park
Waimea Bay State Park

Other things to do in the area

  • Three Tables Beach – 3 minute drive (.7 miles)

Conclusion: A Great Place to Start Oahu Cliff Jumping

I love the cliff jumping that Oahu offers. The Waimea Bay jump rock is the perfect location to get a taste of what it’s like without being too extreme!

What to pack for Oahu

  • Dresses for Hawaii – Packing a few good dresses is essential for Hawaii. Dresses have become my go to on trips to help quickly put an outfit together.
  • Tennis Shoes – I guess you could wear sandals hiking this trail but I would recommend tennis shoes. It can get narrow and slippery in parts. I never go anywhere without my white Air force ones. They are the most versatile shoe I own.
  • Beach cover-up – Having at least one good cover-up is essential on any beach trip. Amazon actually has amazing ones at really affordable prices. If you aren’t a fan of buying clothes off Amazon I recommend ASOSNordstrom and Revolve as well.
  • Camera Gear – The iPhone 13 Pro is amazing and probably all that most people need. BUT, if you want something more I can’t recommend the Sony A7IV mirrorless camera enough. It is AMAZING. If you are more into video than taking photos I recommend the Sony A7SIII or the Canon R5 for you Canon lovers.
  • Travel tripod – This Peak Design travel tripod is the best I have ever used. It is so easy to carry around because it is literally the size of a water bottle. Fits perfectly in a backpack. I have never seen a tripod so compact. It’s life changing. You can check it out here if you’re interested. Note – It isn’t cheap, but that’s why I bought it from backcountry.com. They frequently have 15% off sales so I was luckily able to purchase during a sale.

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