Spouting Horn in Kauai (50 ft Blow Hole)

Spouting Horn Blow Hole on Kauai

It is a scenic spot that includes a really cool blowhole. This part of the Kauai coast is known for powerful waves.

These powerful waves ram up against the shoreline and through lava tubes.

So much water gets shoved in that it will shoot out of any opening.

One of those openings gets so much water shot through it that it often goes 50 feet up in the air. That hole is now known as Kauai’s Spouting Horn.

Side note – a lava tube is what is left after molten lava cools off and hardens. It forms tunnels that are called lava tubes.

Spouting Horn Blow Hole in Kauai
Spouting Horn Blow Hole in Kauai

Spouting Horn Location

The Spouting Horn is a famous Kauai landmark.

It sits on the southern shores of Kauai near the Poipu resort area – i.e. close to where a lot of people are already staying.

It is about a 25 minute drive from the airport.

It is part of the Koloa Heritage Trail, which winds for about 10 miles through the area.

Walking Directly Up To the Blowhole

You will see that there are people that shimmy around the chain link fence and make the quick walk down to the tide pools and blowhole. There is no doubt this could ehnace the experience, but it is fenced off for a reason.

At any time a wave could crash over the edge of the cliff and knock people into the lava rock or pull them back out to sea.

Unfortunately Hawaiian tide pools have killed a number of people, so don’t be an idiot.

Spouting Horn Facilities

There is a generously sized parking lot, restrooms, picnic table, as well as viewing decks for the gorgeous coastline.

Spouting Horn park
Spouting Horn park

Blowhole Shooting Height

Depending on the size of the ocean waves as well as the tides, the actual height and intensity of the shot out of the blowhole will vary. It gets as high as 50 ft. When I was there it shot up to about 30 ft.

Spouting horn in Kauai
Spouting horn viewing deck

Hawaiian Giant Lizard Legend 

There is a Hawaiian legend about the source of the blow hole.

Supposedly there was a giant lizard wreaking havoc on the locals. A crafty Hawaiian lured the lizard into this lava tube. The Hawaiian was able to crawl out of the hole, and the lizard remained trapped inside.

The blowhole is now the result of the lizard roaring to escape.

One of the most unique things about this blowhole is the raspy noise the water makes as it shoots through the tunnel and hole. Given that it almost sounds like a massive creature clearing their throat, I can see where parts of the legend might have come from.

The Blowhole Used to Be Bigger

Supposedly the blowhole used to be bigger. A nearby farmer blasted rock away so that it wouldn’t spray as high because the salt spray from the blowhole was drifting over and damaging his sugar crop.

Other Attractions in the Area

Aside from the most obvious Poipu Beach, while in the area you should also stop at my favorite south side beach Shipwreck Beach. You can also take the Maha’ulepu Heritage Coastal Trail.

Check out our full guides to these attractions below.

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